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NBA 2K14 New York Knicks Jersey Pack V2

This jersey pack mod for NBA 2K14 PC updates the home , away and alternate jersey of the New York Knicks in the game.

Current version: Updated to v2.0
- Realistic jersey fabric texture
- Detailed stitched on letters and numbers

- Official 2013-14 jersey design of the Knicks
- True jersey colors: real blue (not light) and orange
- Compatible with Med's Ultimate NBA 2K14 roster. Use it to have correct collars and accessories colors.
- Texture with small mesh holes (REV30 style)
- New team logos, fonts, numbers with correct positioning
- Real warm-up/bench uniforms

NBA 2K14 Complete New York Knicks Jersey Patch

Download and install this full set of modded NBA 2K14 jerseys for the New York Knicks, which includes current and throwback uniforms.

- New jersey texture
- Fixed the jersey colors

NBA 2K14 Realistic Jersey Textures Mod Pack #1

I tried a different approach in creating nba 2k14 jersey textures and came up with these. The colors used are more gloomy, similar to next gen nba live 14 and 2k14. New pattern is applied, and darker shadows between the creases/folds for realistic effect.

NBA 2K14 Real Home Jersey Colors Mod (HEX Edited)

Description: We all know that lots of jerseys in NBA 2K14 are way off in terms of color. Let's take Knicks' road uniform as an example. In the game the color of their away jersey is sky blue, which is supposed to be darker. This mod pack will fix this kind of issues in the game, thanks to NBAModder for hex-editing all the jerseys to achieve the true colors.

NBA 2K13 New York Knicks All Jerseys Patch

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch updates all the current jerseys of the New York Knicks. The pack includes the following uniforms: Home, Away, Alt, Practice (H), Practice (A), X-mas jersey and an optional black jersey (fictional)
- New York Knicks New Orange 2013-14 Alternate Jersey based on the picture accidentally unveiled by Iman Shumpert on Instagram. NBA and the Adidas told him to delete it quickly but many fans already grabbed a few screenshots.

NBA 2K13 New York Knicks Jersey Pack

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch updates 15 jerseys of the New York Knicks including current and retro jerseys. It includes the following uniforms: Home, Away, Latin nights, Retro Classic 1 (Home), Retro Classic 1 (Away), Retro Classic 2 (Home), Retro Classic 2 (Away), Retro Classic 3 (Away), St. Patrick's Day jersey, '71-'72 Blue Away jersey, '71-'72 Home, '94-'95 Away Blue, 94-95 Home White, and 2013 Home & Away Practice Uniforms.
Features: Adjusted the color and jersey details
Created by: Generic

Filenames: r2h014.iff, r3a014.iff, ua014.iff, ua114.iff, ua560.iff, ua574.iff, uax014.iff, uh014.iff, uh114.iff, uh560.iff, uh574.iff, uhx014.iff, r1a014.iff, r1h014.iff, & r2a014.iff
Downloads:Mega | Mediafire | 4shared | Box

NBA 2K13 NY Knicks Home & Away Jersey Patch

NBA 2K13 Knicks Home and Away Jersey Fix
Description: This patch for NBA 2K13 updates the home & away jerseys of the New York Knicks  to match the design and the color of their current NBA uniforms.
Installation: Copy the files in your NBA 2K13 game folder and downloads folder under Online Data files.
- Enhanced Knicks Jerseys
- Color correction / Darker blue away jersey
Filenames: ua014.iff (Away jersey) & uh014.iff (Home jersey)
Created by: Thecrossover01
Download:Mediafire | 4shared | Box

NBA 2K13 New York Knicks Jersey Mod v4

New York Knicks Road Jersey Patch for NBA 2K13 PC
Note: For the circular collar, use the current NBA 2K13 Roster.
NBA 2K13 Official Roster - October 10, 2012

Mod Features:
- Away, Home, St. Patrick's (Fictional), Alternate (Fictional, this will replace Latin Nights)
• Improved Home and Away jersey
• Added 2 fictional jerseys (Orange - Latin Nights and Green - Saint Patrick's Day Jersey)
• New REV30 mesh holes, smaller, and detailed.
• Modified Knicks script, fixed the size and position
• Sleeve striping going down to the Knicks script
• Fixed the number texture, size, color, and position
• High detailed Knicks logos
• New warm-up uniform (based on Miami Heat's warm-ups)
Files: logo014.iff, ua014.iff, uax014.iff, uh014.iff, uhx014.iff
Developer: Tha King
Download:4shared | Box | Mediafire

Read me: Create a backup first before modding your NBA 2K13 because this patch will overwrite original 2K files. To install, extract the compressed file and copy all the contents inside your N…

NBA 2K13 New York Knicks 4 Jerseys Mod

Knicks New Jersey Patch for NBA 2K13
Description: This NBA 2K13 PC mod contains 4 different jerseys of the New York Knicks.
Features: Home jersey (white), Away / Road jersey (blue) + 2 extra jerseys (black and orange)
Files: ua014.iff, uh014.iff, ua014-black.iff and uh014-orange.iff
Developer: Pinoy21
Download:Box | Mediafire | 4shared
Note: There is no available alternate jersey slot for the New York Knicks so you must rename "ua014-black.iff" or "uh014-orange.iff" to the existing jersey of Knicks either home (uh014.iff) or away (ua014.iff) in order to use it. Don't forget to make a backup.

NBA 2K13 New York Knicks Jersey Patch

Darker version of the Knicks Jersey for NBA 2K13 PC
Name: NBA 2K13 New York Knicks Jersey Patch V2
Other version:Knicks Jersey V1
Description: This mod contains the updated version of the New York Knicks Jersey (Darker)
File names: r2a014.iff, r2h014.iff, ua014.iff and uh014.iff
Download:Fileswap | Box | Mediafire

NBA 2K13 New York Knicks Jersey Patch V1

New York Knicks Jersey Mod for NBA 2K13 PC
Description: This patch contains an updated set of LA Lakers jerseys. (Home jersey and Road jersey)
Features: New textures File name: ua014.iff and uh014.iff Developer: Andysoso
Files: ua015.iff, uh015.iff and ux015.iff Download: Mediafire | Box | Fileswap