Knicks New Jersey Patch for NBA 2K13
Knicks New Jersey Patch for NBA 2K13

Description: This NBA 2K13 PC mod contains 4 different jerseys of the New York Knicks.
Features: Home jersey (white), Away / Road jersey (blue) + 2 extra jerseys (black and orange)
Files: ua014.iff, uh014.iff, ua014-black.iff and uh014-orange.iff
Developer: Pinoy21
Download: Box | Mediafire | 4shared
Note: There is no available alternate jersey slot for the New York Knicks so you must rename "ua014-black.iff" or "uh014-orange.iff" to the existing jersey of Knicks either home (uh014.iff) or away (ua014.iff) in order to use it. Don't forget to make a backup.