NBA 2K16 PC Roster Editor/Trainer Version 10

This trainer for NBA 2K16 PC version gives you the possibility of modifying a lot of different in-game values, such as player's attributes, badges, tendencies, accessories and roster editing in general. The program is in Chinese language, but it's fairly easy to use and you can refer to the screenshots with translation below.

NBA 2K14 MyCAREER Jersey Switcher Tool

A very useful program for NBA 2K14 PC that allows you to easily switch jerseys in MyCAREER mode without manually renaming the files. With this tool you can finally use all the available jerseys in the game!

NBA 2K14 PC Gameplay Fixer Tool

An easy-to-use tool for NBA 2K14 PC that applies fixes for better gaming experience. It also gives you the ability to change various game settings such as; skin tone, movement speed, player speed, shorts and net length, camera view angle and ball weight.

NBA 2K14 Simple Trainer (Assign Cyberface)

Description: This tool for NBA 2K14 PC allows you to assign cyberface & portrait, adjust player's body &type, and change the height & weight. The program is in Chinese language, but you can refer to the image above for the English translation (also included in the file).

Updated: Added the English translations for the body type.

NBA 2K13 PC Game Fixer Tool v1.3

Description: This tool for NBA 2K13 PC called "NBA F1X3R" allows you to make certain adjustments to the game such as ball physics, short length, jersey tightness, camera distance, and other game attributes. It also includes four different patches that will improve the game even more.
Note: Gameplay changes only applies to offline gaming. 2K uses the default game sliders in online games.

NBA 2K13 Audio Editor v0.5.0.2

Description: This is a program that allows you to modify NBA 2K13 audio files.
- Allows you to export audio files (.wav & .xma)
- Allows you to import mp3, wav & .xma
- Allows users to edit all NBA 2K BIN Audio files as long as they're in the 2K11/2K12/2K13 format
- Automatically encodes MP3 and WAV files to the right format
- Only allows the user to replace songs that are longer than the user-selected song; any remaining duration is automatically filled with silence
Quick Notes
Frequently Asked Question
• After my imported song/audio file ends, the game doesn't switch to the next one. How do I fix this?
- Make sure that the file you're importing is only shorter than the original file by a few seconds, 2 at most. If it's not, use Audacity's Generate  » Silence, to extend the song until its duration is 1 or 2 seconds less than the file you're trying to replace.
Requirement:Microsoft .NET Framework 4
Note: Create a backup of the original audio file …

NBA 2K13 Clear Game Cache Tool

Description: This program for NBA 2K13 PC called "DeCash" allows you to free up some space on your hard drive by deleting unnecessary game cache files. You'll be surprised how much space they take up on your computer. Cache makes the game load faster for certain PC but it is not very useful for most and sometimes it uses more than 2GB of disk space.
How to use:
1. Run the application (.exe) as administrator.
2. Click the 'Detect Size of Cache' button.
3. Click the 'Clear Cache' button.
Created by: nesa24
Filename: NBA 2K13 DeCash.exe
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared

NBA 2K13 Workarounds Tool for PC v0.3.2.1

Description: This tool provides workarounds for several issues in NBA 2K13 PC which includes the disappearing scoreboard glitch, Auto-save settings, and PlayVision bug. This will work for now until 2K Sports releases the official NBA 2K13 patch for PC.

- Allows you to enable and disable the autosave feature (Options: On / Off)
- You can now set the play vision settings to On, Lite, and Off. This is also compatible with MyCareer (Force settings)
- Adds the ability to import and export game sliders which is part of the Settings file (.STG), so that you can keep separate sliders files and be able to switch between them easily.
- Allows you to view the scores whenever the NBA 2K13 scoreboard disappears in the middle of the game.
Developer: Leftos
Download:Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared

NBA 2K13 MyPlayer Switcher Tool for PC

NBA 2K13 My Player Switcher Beta 0.2
Description: This program will help you to use more than 1 MyPlayer profile in NBA 2K13 PC.

Program Features:
Backup: This will create a backup of your current loaded My Player and let you name the file so you know which one is which.Load: This will take your selected My Player from your backups and load it so he's ready to be used in game.Clear Profile: This will delete the current loaded My Player so when you run NBA 2K13 you'll be prompted to make a new one.Delete Backup: Lets you delete the selected My Player backup from the application so you don't have to dig down through NBA 2K13 Roaming folder (AppData). File: MyPlayerSwitcher.exe
Developer: benji
Download: Box | Mediafire | Fileswap

NBA 2K12 NBA Today Auto Update Tool

NBA 2K12 Auto Update NBA 2K12's NBA Today. This tool will update your NBA 2K12's NBA Today. If your NBA Today is stuck at Dallas vs Miami or any previous game and not updating then this tool is for you.
Note: You must have a working Internet connection for this to work. This will work with any NBA 2K12 PC version.
Frequently Asked Questions: Q:Can I use this tool while I'm in the game? A:Yes but the changes will take effect the next time you open NBA 2K12. (We recommend you to use this tool before you open/start the NBA2K12 game)
Q:What happens if my internet connection fails or 2K server is down while updating? A: The game will automatically recreate the "NBA Today.LSF" file either from the latest "NBA Today.LSF" it got from the servers, or if not, from the original retail "NBA Today.LSF" which is Dallas vs Miami.
How to use? Simply double click the batch file.
Different versions: Version 1 - Updates NBA Today only. (works with 64 and 32 bit version)