NBA 2K14 Realistic Knicks Jersey Texture Mod

This jersey pack mod for NBA 2K14 PC updates the home , away and alternate jersey of the New York Knicks in the game.

Current version: Updated to v2.0
- Realistic jersey fabric texture
- Detailed stitched on letters and numbers

- Official 2013-14 jersey design of the Knicks
- True jersey colors: real blue (not light) and orange
- Compatible with Med's Ultimate NBA 2K14 roster. Use it to have correct collars and accessories colors.
- Texture with small mesh holes (REV30 style)
- New team logos, fonts, numbers with correct positioning
- Real warm-up/bench uniforms

NBA 2K14 Knicks Jersey Fix

Home Uniform

Real Knicks Away Jersey Color (Darker)

New Knicks Orange Alternate Uniform


If you're using a new roster with unlocked orange alternate jersey slot:
- Make sure you delete/replace the 'ux014.iff' file from Online Data > downloads folder to prevent 2K from overriding my alternate orange jersey.
If you're using an old roster with no alternate jersey slot available:
- You can use the 'uax014.iff' file to replace the St. Patricks green uniform.
Filenames: uh014.iff, ua014.iff, ux014.iffuax014.iff
Created by: Tha King
Download V2: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared