NBA 2K14 Realistic Jersey Textures Mod Pack

I tried a different approach in creating nba 2k14 jersey textures and came up with these. The colors used are more gloomy, similar to next gen nba live 14 and 2k14. New pattern is applied, and darker shadows between the creases/folds for realistic effect.

Pack #1 includes 10 uniforms:
  • Cleveland Cavaliers Alternate (Yellow)
  • Miami Heat Home
  • New York Knicks Home
  • 2 versions of L.A. Lakers Home
  • Orlando Magic Home
  • Brooklyn Nets Home
  • Detroit Pistons Home
  • Houston Rockets Home
  • San Antonio Spurs Home
Filenames: uh010.iff, uh014.iff, uh015.iff, uh016.iff, uh018.iff, uh021.iff, uh023.iff, uh025.iff, ux004.iff
Created by: MLLR
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared
NBA 2K14 Realistic Jersey Textures Mod Pack #1.7z  [14MB]
To install, copy the .iff files to your main game folder.