NBA 2K13 Audio Editor Tool

Description: This is a program that allows you to modify NBA 2K13 audio files.
- Allows you to export audio files (.wav & .xma)
- Allows you to import mp3, wav & .xma
- Allows users to edit all NBA 2K BIN Audio files as long as they're in the 2K11/2K12/2K13 format
- Automatically encodes MP3 and WAV files to the right format
- Only allows the user to replace songs that are longer than the user-selected song; any remaining duration is automatically filled with silence
Quick Notes
Frequently Asked Question
• After my imported song/audio file ends, the game doesn't switch to the next one. How do I fix this?
- Make sure that the file you're importing is only shorter than the original file by a few seconds, 2 at most. If it's not, use Audacity's Generate  » Silence, to extend the song until its duration is 1 or 2 seconds less than the file you're trying to replace.
Requirement: Microsoft .NET Framework 4
Note: Create a backup of the original audio file you before you edit it.
Created by: Nesa24 and Leftos
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared