NBA 2K14 Gameplay Patch Tool

An easy-to-use tool for NBA 2K14 PC that applies fixes for better gaming experience. It also gives you the ability to change various game settings such as; skin tone, movement speed, player speed, shorts and net length, camera view angle and ball weight.

How to use
1.Click the 'Select EXE' button. Locate your nba2k14.exe file (Program Files > 2K Sports > NBA 2K14)
2. Gameplay Patch
- Choose between RC1 and RC2 patch and wait for the confirmation message. A new .exe file will be generated in your NBA 2K14 main game folder.
3. Exit the program and open it again. This time select the 'nba2k14 with nesa24 Gameplay.exe' instead of the original 'nba2k14.exe' to prevent overwriting your original file.
4. Slider Settings
- Adjust the sliders and click 'Save'.

There are two presets for the gameplay patch:
RC1 - A complete makeover to the gameplay flow with better ball control, improved team work, and enhanced dunks.
RC2 - If 'Hall Of Fame' difficulty level seems so easy for you, choose this patch. It has harder gameplay with better animation control and improved A.I. mechanics.

How to uninstall
Simply delete the nesa24 Gameplay.exe from your game directory and use default nba2k14.exe

Note: If some options of tool are grey/disabled, please move the .exe and tool to main drive folder C:\ and make sure game is NOT running.
Created by: nesa24
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared

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