NBA 2K14 PC Basic Modifier Trainer

Description: This tool for NBA 2K14 PC allows you to assign cyberface & portrait, adjust player's body &type, and change the height & weight. The program is in Chinese language, but you can refer to the image above for the English translation (also included in the file).

Updated: Added the English translations for the body type.

How to Use
For MyCAREER Player
1. Open NBA 2K14.
2. Load your MC profile and go to "Player" » "Edit Player".
3. Minimize the game and open the trainer.
4. Set your prefered value and click the "Save 1" & "Save 2" button.
Note: You need to set the body type as well or it will not work.
Body Type Translations

This is the easiest way. In the body type menu, choose from the 1st to 4th option (disregard the rest 5th-24th).
1. Obese / Fat
2. Strong / Muscular (LeBron James Type)
3. Normal Atheletic (Kevin Durant Type)
4. Slim / Skinny
then proceed to step 5, 6, and 7.

If you want to go hardcore:
1. Obese with darkest skin color (#6)
2. Strong with darkest skin color (#6)
3. Normal with darkest skin color (#6)
4. Slim with darkest skin color (#6)
5. Obese with darker skin color (#5)
6. Strong with darker skin color (#5)
7. Normal with darker skin color (#5)
8. Slim with dark skin color (#5)
9. Obese with dark skin color (#4)
10. Strong with dark skin color (#4)
11. Normal with dark skin color (#4)
12. Slim with dark skin color (#4)
13. Obese with tan skin color (#3)
14. Strong with tan skin color (#3)
15. Normal with tan skin color (#3)
16. Slim with tan skin color (#3)
17. Obese with yellow skin color (#2)
18. Strong with yellow skin color (#2)
19. Normal with yellow skin color (#2)
20. Slim with yellow skin color (#2)
21. Obese with lightest skin color (#1)
22. Strong with lightest skin color (#1)
23. Normal with lightest skin color (#1)
24. Slim with lightest skin color (#1)
5. Maximize the game and press "Enter" to save your player.
6. Save MyCareer and exit the mode.
7. From the NBA 2K14 main menu, go to » "Feature" » "MyPlayer" » Fix the skintone to match with the CF.
For Regular and Created players
1. Open NBA 2K14.
2. From the home menu, go to "Options" » "Manage Roster" » "Rosters" » Select the player that you want to edit.
3. Minimize the game and open the trainer.
4. Enter the value and click the "Save 1" and "Save 2" button.
5. Maximize the game and press "Enter" to save the changes you made.
6. Go to "Options" » "Load/Save" » "Save Roster".

NBA 2K13/2K14 List of Players' Cyberface Number

Note: It requires Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package in order to run.
Filename: NBA 2K14 Basic Trainer v0.2.exe
Warning: Always create a backup copy of your MyCareer & roster files.
Created by: EGS-Alex (CheatMaker)
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared