NBA 2K17 Soundtrack: 39 Tracks Revealed

2K today announced the in-game soundtrack details for NBA 2K17, the upcoming release in the flagship basketball video game franchise.

NBA 2K15 Full Soundtrack List Revealed

2K Sports has officially revealed the full soundtrack list for NBA 2K15, which will feature 27 songs curated by Pharrell Williams. The list of artists cover a wide variety of music genre, ranging from pop, rock, funk, electronic, R&B, hip-hop, to dance music. Below is the complete list of the songs.

NBA 2K14 Next-gen Ball + Realistic Sound FX Mod

Orange and dark-brown next-gen basketball mod for NBA 2K14 PC. The patch also comes with SFX that changes the ball sounds (when the ball hits the floor, backboard, net, rim etc. Follow this LINK for details). Specials thanks to Archone for the realistic sound effects.

NBA 2K14 Annoying Lady Sound Removal

This patch for NBA 2K14 gets rid of the voice of the annoying lady from the crowd. It mutes "You're gonna miss it", "He's traveling", and other chatter sounds.

NBA 2K14 Sound Effects Mod v1.0

This NBA 2K14 mod changes the in-game sounds to much better and realistic ones which I have put together. It has a total of 77 reinvented in-game sound effects that you will surely enjoy.

NBA 2K14 Custom Game Music Mod - Personal Playlist

Custom game music mod for NBA 2K14 featuring random mainstream music from my personal playlist. Below is the list of the songs that are included.

NBA 2K14 Hip Hop Songs Soundtrack Mod

A compilation of hip hop tracks from different artists to replace the whole NBA 2K14 soundtracks. I had to use the 2K audio editor to import these music. Also, some songs have been edited to match the exact length of the default.

NBA 2K14 Sports Anthem Soundtracks Mod

New soundtrack playlist for NBA 2K14! This mod will replace most of the default songs in the game (2K Beats). Below is the complete list of included songs.

NBA 2K14 Bootup Sound & Fast Intro Mod

Description: This is a simple mod for NBA 2K14 which allows you to skip the LeBron James Intro Movie (“The Rewards Are Endless”). It also includes a boot up audio from 2K12, Kurtis Blow - Basketball - “They’re playing basketball. We love that basketball”

NBA 2K14 Soundtrack Music for NBA 2K13

Description: Just in case you guys aren't aware, 2K Sports already revealed the list of songs that will be featured in NBA 2K14. This NBA 2K13 sound mod adds the 20 songs from NBA 2K14's soundtrack. I also added 4 bonus songs to utilize all 24 music slots.

NBA 2K13 NBA Elite 11 Soundtrack Mod

Description: This NBA 2K13 mod replaces the default game music with songs from EA's NBA Elite 11.

We all know that NBA Elite 11 was cancelled due to concerns about gameplay polish. However, some copies, especially for the PS3, have made it into circulation and are considered rare collector's items. Luckily, I found someone who own this game, so thanks to him for making this possible.

NBA 2K13 FOX Sports Full Music Presentation Mod

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch adds the NBA Fox Sports TV music in the game. This mod changes 2K's default music during half time breaks, time-outs, match intro, & other transition sounds.

NBA 2K13 ESPN Full Music Presentation Mod

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch adds the NBA on ESPN music during half time breaks, time-outs, game intros, and into other game transition sounds. The size is kinda big (180MB+) due to the amount 2K sound files included.

NBA 2K13 TNT Full Music Presentation Mod

Description: This patch for NBA 2K13 adds the NBA on TNT music during timeouts, game intros, halftime breaks, and into other game transitions. The size is quite huge (180MB+) because it contains tons of 2K sound files.

PBA 2K13 All OPM Songs Soundtracks Mod

Description: This is an update to the playlist I made for PBA 2K13 mod. I replaced all the foreign songs from my soundtracks mod with Filipino songs.

NBA 2K13 FOX MyCAREER Loading Music Mod

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch adds the NBA on FOX music when loading MyCareer save games.

NBA 2K13 Custom Playlist Soundtracks Mod

Description: This is a custom soundtrack mod for NBA 2K13. I added 23 new songs in this playlist that I think suits the game. One song from the default game music remains unchanged.

NBA 2K13 New 2K Beats Mod by by iamLillard

Description: This soundtrack mod for NBA 2K13 adds 24 new songs from different hip hop artists. Very useful for those people who are getting tired of the default in-game music.

PBA 2K13 Pinoy Music Soundtracks Mod

Description: This custom playlist is intended for the PBA 2K13 mod. Most of the tracks are OPM, but it also includes a few foreign music. I hope you enjoy the songs!

NBA 2K13 Custom Soundtrack Mod by Larvae

Description: This NBA 2K13 mod replaces some of the original tracks that you hear in-game (2K Beats). It includes a combination of old and new songs from various artists (see the list below).