NBA 2K14 Realistc Game Sliders

Description: The title says it all. This patch contains a modified NBA 2K14 sliders that will give you realistic statistical results and satisfying gameplay experience. The game slider values are listed below. Give it a try and let us know what needs to be tweaked.

Inside Shot Success: 45
Close Shot Success: 47
Mid-Range Success: 46
3PT Success: 46
The rest were left with the default value of 50:
Layup Success: 50
Dunk in Traffic Frequency: 50
Dunk in Traffic Success: 50
Pass Accuracy: 50
Alley-Oop Success: 50
Contact Shot Success: 50

Driving Contact Shot Frequency: 50
Inside Contact Shot Frequency: 50
Layup Defense Strength (Takeoff): 49
Layup Defense Strength (Release): 54
Jump Shot Defense Strength (Gather): 44
Jump Shot Defense Strength (Release): 40
Help Defense Strength: 50
Steal Success: 52

Quickness: 50
Vertical: 52
Strength: 50
Stamina: 50
Speed: 50
Durability: 50
Hustle: 50
Ball Handling: 47
Hands: 44
Dunking Ability: 50
On-ball Defense: 50
Stealing: 50
Blocking: 53
Offensive Awareness: 50
Defensive Awareness: 50
Offensive Rebounding: 50
Defensive Rebounding: 50
Consistency: 45
Fatigue Rate: 47
Injury Frequency: 50
Injury Severity: 50

Take Inside Shots: 50
Take Close Shots: 50
Take Mid-Range Shots: 50
Take 3PT Shots: 50
Post Shots: 50
Attack the Basket: 50
Look for Post Players: 50
Throw Alley-oops: 50
Attempt Dunks: 57
Attempt Putbacks: 50
Play Passing Lanes: 50
Go for On-ball Steals: 50
Contest Shots: 54
Backdoor Cuts: 50

Over the Back Foul Frequency: 73
Charging Foul Frequency: 100
Blocking Foul Frequency: 65
Reaching Foul Frequency: 55
Shooting Foul Frequency: 77
Loose Ball Foul Frequency: 100

How to use: You can either apply these values manually by going to Options > Game Settings > Game Sliders or you can download the file below.

1. Copy the tunedata.iff file into NBA 2K14 game directory and replace the original.
32 BIT - C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K14
64 BIT - C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Sports\NBA 2K14
2. Go to Game Sliders settings and change the preset to Custom then change it back to Default (tunedata is the default sliders not custom).
3. For MyCareer, go to Options > Gamestyle > Default.
Created by: indut000
Filename: tunedata.iff
Note: Don't forget to create a backup of your original tunedata file.
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared