NBA 2K14 Realistic Gameplay Slider Set

A tweaked NBA 2K14 game sliders to provide an even more realistic NBA simulation. Give this slider settings a good play through a minimum of 5 games. Remember, one game does not make a slider set, anything can happen in 1 game and it also depends on how you play the game. If you're the type of guy who plays like every ball possession is a fastbreak then forget about getting realistic results. So without further ado, here you go!

NBA 2K14 Tweaked Game Sliders Version 1

Description: Settings file for NBA 2K14 PC with tweaked game sliders. You can also use these for the Xbox 360 and PS3 version but you have to apply the values manually. The custom game sliders is not applicable for MyCareer mode.

After playing the game a while, I started messing with the in-game sliders to get realistic final statistics and score. Below is a set of sliders that I came up with.

Game Settings
Difficulty: Hall of Fame
Game Style: Custom
Game Speed: 46
Shooting Type: User timing
Free throw Shooting Type: Real Player %
Free throw Difficulty: 60%

NBA 2K14 Custom Gameplay Sliders

Description: The title says it all. This patch contains a modified NBA 2K14 sliders that will give you realistic statistical results and satisfying gameplay experience. The game slider values are listed below. Give it a try and let us know what needs to be tweaked.

NBA 2K13 PC Game Fixer Tool v1.3

Description: This tool for NBA 2K13 PC called "NBA F1X3R" allows you to make certain adjustments to the game such as ball physics, short length, jersey tightness, camera distance, and other game attributes. It also includes four different patches that will improve the game even more.
Note: Gameplay changes only applies to offline gaming. 2K uses the default game sliders in online games.

NBA 2K13 Realistic Game Sliders

Description: This patch contains a custom settings file for NBA 2K13 with modified game slider values. Using this settings will give you a very close real NBA game stats.
Note: Don't forget to reconfigure your keyboard / gamepad controls after loading the settings.

OFFENSEVALUEDEFENSEVALUEInside Shot Success46Driving Contact Shot Frequency60Close Shot Success47Inside Contact Shot Frequency60Mid-Range Success50Layup Defense Strength (Takeoff)603-point Success48Layup Defense Strength (Release)60Layup Success50Jump Shot Defense Strength (Gather)60Dunk In Traffic Frequency48Jump Shot Defense Strength (Release)60Dunk In Traffic Success47Help Defense Strength60Pass Accuracy50Steal Success40Alley-Oop Success48--Contact Shot Success50--
ATTRIBUTESVALUEFOULS & TENDENCIESVALUEQuickness45Take Inside Shots50Vertical50Take Close Shots50Strength50Take Mid-range Shots60Stamina50Take 3 PT Shots50Speed60Post Shots50Durability50Attack The Basket100Hustle95Look For Post Players71Ball Handling50Thro…