NBA 2K18 Cheat Table - Maxed Attributes, Skills, Game Settings and More

This is a simple Cheat Engine table for the Steam version of NBA 2K18 PC. The current version allows you to have a maxed-out MyPLAYER in MyCareer mode and modify certain game settings like quarter time. More options will come as we discover more item addresses.

NBA 2K17 All-in-One Cheat Engine Table v1.9 [Steam]

With the recent release of 'NBA 2K17', Veryan has updated his Cheat Engine table for the game. This allows you to modify certain values like game sliders, mycareer stats, and various settings. If you have already downloaded his table from NBA 2K16, chances are you already know how to use it. For newbies, I recommend that you head back to the old page and read the instructions as most things have been already explained over there.

Last Updated
February 8, 2016

NBA 2K17 Multifunctional Cheat Table (Update #4)

This is a multifunctional cheat engine table for NBA 2K17 PC. It was originally made for the 3DM version but it seems like other features work as well on Steam copy. It gives you options to modify the game difficulty, quarter length, fatigue effect, injury status, shooting type,  free throw type, quarter & shot clock, MyCAREER player stats, gameplay sliders, game rules, vital info, attributes, badges, tendencies, cyber face id, signature moves, clothing and many other features that will help you speed up the grinding process and modify the overall feel of the game.

NBA 2K16 Cheat Table Patch 6: Badges, Upgrades, Attributes, Sliders, Stats, Salary Caps, VC and More

This cheat table for NBA 2K16 Steam version will basically give you the option to change any value you would ever care about in the game. Game sliders, season settings, MyCareer stats, MyPlayer attributes, badges, and salary caps among many other things. Works in online game modes! Check the Cheat Engine table for more info.

NBA 2K16 MyTeam: How to Get Rare Cards using Cheat Engine

This is a detailed tutorial on how to get any player cards in NBA 2K16's MyTEAM mode. Follow these steps so you can have ANY players you want, including Diamond tier, cards that are no longer possible to pull by opening special packs, or even unreleased cards. You can also sell them to the Auction House and make MT coins without spending your hard earned VC.

NBA 2K16 PC Roster Editor/Trainer Version 10

This trainer for NBA 2K16 PC version gives you the possibility of modifying a lot of different in-game values, such as player's attributes, badges, tendencies, accessories and roster editing in general. The program is in Chinese language, but it's fairly easy to use and you can refer to the screenshots with translation below.

NBA 2K15 MyPark - How to Get Legend 3 Using Cheat Engine

This tutorial for NBA 2K15 PC will show you how to hack your rep level in MyPARK, so that you can reach Legend 3 right away and play as a mascot.

NBA 2K14 Sliders - Cheat Engine Table

A cheat engine table that includes addresses to modify the NBA 2K14 sliders. You can change the value depending on your preference.

NBA 2K14 Cheats Trainer: Infinite Stamina & Skill Points

Description: Here's a simple yet very useful +5 trainer for NBA 2K14 PC, which allows you to instantly make use of the infinite stamina, unlimited skill points, time-freeze and other cool cheats that will help you get high grades in MyCAREER mode.

NBA 2K14 Cheats: Unlimited Skill Points for MyCAREER

Description: This detailed tutorial will teach how to get unlimited skill points in NBA 2K14's MyCAREER mode using Cheat Engine. I thought this might be handy for people who wants to make a 99 overall player instantly.

NBA 2K14 PC Cheats Trainer

Description: This NBA 2K14 PC trainer comes with some useful cheats that can change the game score, shot clock timer, quarter length, skill points, salary cap, player statistics, MC skill points and many more!

NBA 2K14 - How to Unlock All Players in Blacktop Mode

Description: This is a tutorial on how to unlock all the superstars in NBA 2K14's Blacktop mode without using any VC (virtual currency).

1. Download the file located at the bottom of this post.
2. Extract 'NBA 2K14 Blacktop Roster.rar' and there will be a file called 'Blacktop.ROS'
3. Copy the Blacktop roster into NBA 2K14 'Saves' folder.
- You should be able to find this folder by typing %AppData%/2K Sports/NBA 2K14/ into Windows 'run' (Press windows key + R).
• Windows Vista/7/8
“C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\NBA 2K14\Saves”
• Windows XP
“C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Application Data\2K Sports\NBA 2K14\Saves”
5. Go to Options → Load/Save → Load → Choose "Blacktop"

NBA 2K14 Cheat Engine Table v0.5

Description: This cheat table for NBA 2K14 PC contains certain addresses that allows you to edit your player's age, height, weight, skills and attributes. You can also change some in-game settings such as quarter length and shot clock time.

In-Game Settings
• Quarter Length: value is measured in seconds so, 60 = 1 minute, 120 = 2 minutes, 180 = 3 minutes, and so on.
• Shot Clock: value is the same as displayeed so, 8 = 8 seconds, 24 = 24 seconds etc.

• Vitals
 - Birth Year:  value 0-255.
• Body & Head
 - Height is in centimeters with an increment value of 3.
   For example, 200 = 6'7ft, 203 = 6'8ft, 206 =6'9ft, 209 = 6'10ft, 212 = 7ft
 - Weight is equivalent to the text displayed so 155 value = 155 lbs
• Attributes: value 0-255. 0 = 0, 222 = 99, 255 = 110.
The formula to find a skill is (skill - 25) × 3 = value.

Warning: Don't forget to create a backup copy of your MC save file, just in case something goes wrong.

NBA 2K13 How to Create a Real Player in MyCareer

Description: This tutorial will show you how to make a real NBA player in NBA 2K13's MyCAREER mode using the Turbo Trainer created by Rozj. This tutorial is intended for those people who wants to learn how to clone a specific player from the roster.

STEP 1: From the NBA 2K13 menu, go to 'Options' > 'Manage Roster' > 'Rosters' > Select a team and choose a player > 'Edit Player'.  In my case, I decided to choose LeBron James of the Miami Heat.

STEP 2: Minimize the game by pressing Alt + Tab on your keyboard.

STEP 3: Open the NBA 2K13 PC Turbo Trainer and go to 'Player' > 'Clone' > Tick the 'Vitals' and 'All ability' checkbox and click the 'Read' button.

STEP 4: Maximize the game and go to Menu > 'MyCAREER' > 'New' to create a new player.

STEP 5: You will notice that all the information of your selected player including skills, signature shots, attributes, accessories, cyberface…

NBA 2K13 PC Cheats Trainer v1.2

NBA 2K13 Cheat Program for PC
Description: This NBA 2K13 Trainer for PC can modify certain address such as NBA 2K13 MyPlayer / MyCareer height, weight, player attributes (Max 99), skin tone, playing style & postion, association, in-game stats, ratings, skill points, signature skills, fouls, tendencies, hot spots, my player cyber face, contracts, game options and many more! Make your guy in my player mode perfect by using this hack.
Language: English
License Type: Shareware
Platform: PC (Windows XP, Vista & 7)
Developer: Rozj
Download: Box | Mediafire | 4shared
Previous version:v1 | v1.1

NBA 2K13 Unlock All-Star Teams & Hidden Courts

NBA 2K13 PC Trainer - Unlock All-Star Game
We can finally play the All-Star game and use all the hidden courts on NBA 2K13 PC without using any mods or patch!

UPDATE: Use this roster to unlock the east and west all-stars -

Description: This NBA 2K13 trainer will allow you to use all the hidden teams (All star teams) and all courts on quick game and blacktop. You can also use this trainer to change the lock sliders & tendencies in NBA 2K13 MyCareer.
Available Courts: Blacktop, Rucker Park Night, Rucker Park Day, Show case, Practice Facility, Under Armour, Summer Circuit, All-Star (Old), All-Star (New), All-Star (Contest), All-Star (Rookie) and Jordan Brand Arena.
Available Teams: East All-Star, West All-Star, Rookie Stars, Elite Stars (Team Shaq & Team Chuck) and 2K Sports Team
Download: Mediafire | 4shared | Box
Note: This hack / cheats / trainer is only for NBA 2K13 PC.
Developer: DDunkShoot

NBA 2K13 PC East v…

NBA 2K13 Blacktop - How to Unlock All Players

NBA 2K13 Unlock NBA Stars on Blacktop (PC) (Unlock All Players Roster)
Description: Unlocking the superstars on NBA 2K13's Blacktop (PC) is not possible by default so here's a custom roster that will allow you to use the hidden NBA star players on Blacktop mode (All superstars including NBA legends)
Developer: Solovoy
File name: Blacktop.ROS
Download: 4shared | Mediafire | Box

NBA 2K13 PC - How to Unlock Blacktop NBA Superstars:
1. Download the custom roster.
2. Extract the compressed file.
3. Copy the "Blacktop.ROS" to your NBA 2K13 Saves folder.
4. Go to NBA 2K13 menu > "Options" > "Load / Save" > "Load" > Load "Blacktop"

Note: This custom roster is only compatible with Blacktop. Load the default roster (Roster.ROS) if you're going to play quick game, MyPlayer or Association.

NBA 2K13 Blacktop Mode - All Players Unlocked
How to unlock NBA Stars on NBA 2K13's Blacktop mode
Superstars on NBA 2K13's Blacktop mode…

NBA 2K13 Cheats Trainer v1.1

NBA 2K13 Trainer for PC
Description: The version 1 is only available in Chinese language so here's the v1.1. This NBA 2K13 trainer can modify tons of addresses and values in-game like player attributes and game stats. To use this cheats simply extract the .rar file, open nba2k13 and run the cheats program. (No need to install).
Language: English (V1.1), Chinese (V1)
License Type: Shareware
Platform: PC (Windows XP, Vista & 7)
Developer: Rozj
Download: Box | Mediafire | 4shared
Previous version:NBA 2K13 Cheats Trainer V1

NBA 2K13 Unlock All New Hidden Jerseys (XBOX)

Here's a tutorial on how to unlock all the new hidden jerseys for NBA 2K13 XBOX 360. Some player hacked the NBA 2K13 files and created a custom roster that will unlock and allow you to use the hidden NBA2K jerseys. The custom roster is only available for XBOX 360 at this moment.

Follow the steps below to unlock the new jerseys:
1. Go to 2K Share > Download
2. Search for the file - "c15dUbb" (Gamertag: Xbox Sheriff)
3. Download it
4. Save the roster
5. Go to Options > Load / Save > Load the custom roster
- For the new All-Star jerseys, download the file "Goodies"

NBA 2K13 New Christmas / Alternate Jerseys Preview: (Click the image to enlarge)
This custom roster from 2K Share will unlock the following jerseys:
• Chicago Bulls (Red Christmas Jersey)
• Charlotte Bobcats (Racing A)
• Denver Nuggets (Gold Alternate Jersey & Christmas Jersey)
• Miami Heat (White Hot &  Red Christmas Jersey)
• Oklahoma City Thunder (Christmas & Alternate Jersey - Misp…

NBA 2K13 Trainer for PC (Chinese)

NBA 2K13 Turbo Modifier Trainer for PC
Features: This NBA 2K13 cheats trainer can modify tons of addresses and values in-game. To use this trainer simply extract the .rar file and run the program (No need to install).
Language: Chinese
License Type: Shareware
Platform: PC (Windows XP, Vista & 7)
Developer: Rozj
Translated by: PeoplesChamp & Ssssssdraw
Download:Depositfiles | Mediafire | Fileswap | Box
How to use: The program is written in Chinese but there are translations written below the screenshots. Change the following values based on your preferences.

Player Attributes - Image: #1 (Click the image to enlarge)
Player Attributes - Table: #1 1. Shot Inside11. Post Hook21. Offensive Rebound31. Strength2. Shot Close12. Shoot Off Dribble22. Defensive Rebound32. Vertical3. Shot Medium13. Ball Handling23. Low Post Offense33. Hustle4. Shot 3 Point14. Off Hand Dribbling24. Low Post Defense34. Durability5. Free Throw15. Ball Security25. Offense Awareness35. Potential6. Layup16. Pass26. Defens…


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