NBA 2K16 PC MyTeam Cards Hack

This is a detailed tutorial on how to get any player cards in NBA 2K16's MyTEAM mode. Follow these steps so you can have ANY players you want, including Diamond tier, cards that are no longer possible to pull by opening special packs, or even unreleased cards. You can also sell them to the Auction House and make MT coins without spending your hard earned VC.

Before we begin, you must download a free program called Cheat Engine. Make sure to get the latest version (v6.5).

1. Start the game and open up Cheat Engine and select "NBA2K16.exe" from the process list. (Click the button that looks like a computer and titled "Process"). After selecting the process, click the open button.

2. Head back to NBA 2K16 game. Choose any player from your lineup. In this tutorial, we will use Marquis Teague as an example.

3. Go to search for the player the you selected from step 2. It is important that you find the correct edition of the card.

4. You should be able to identify the player's ID by looking at the page url. Copy the ID and go back to Cheat Engine.

5. Paste the ID in the "Value" field and hit the "First Scan" button. Wait for it to finish scanning and you will see a bunch of addresses on the left side.

6. Go back to NBA 2K16 and replace the player that you chose earlier. In this example, we will replace Marquis Teague with Dwight Buycks. Note that you must have contracts on the player that you are switching out.

7. Go back to search for the new player the you selected from step 6. In our case we need to find Dwight Buycks ID.

8. Paste the new ID in the "Value" field, but this time you need to click the "Next Scan" button. After that you should end up with fewer addresses on the left side. Select all of it and click the "Add to address list" button  .

9. Once again go back to but this time you need to find the player ID of the rare card that you would like to add to your lineup. We will use Diamond Michael Jordan '96 in this example.

9. Go back to Cheat Engine. Select all the address you found earlier, right click and select change record > value. Enter the player ID of your desired card. Below is an ID list of the best diamond tier cards available in the game.
  • '96 Michael Jordan - 9674
  • '92 Magic Johnson - 10091
  • '62 Oscar Robertson - 9409
  • '06 Kobe Bryant - 10083

After changing the value, you should be able to see the new card on your lineup. You can it in Domination mode, The Gauntlet and in the Road to the Playoffs mode. Consequently though, the player you replaced will be gone, so just be careful who you do it to. I also recommend that you do this on a secondary Steam account via Family sharing just in case 2K bans all players that do this cheat. Have fun!

Note: Diamond MJ will not actually show his color or picture in the lineup menu, only when playing the game it will show.

You can watch SkrrtBro's video tutorial below if you're having trouble following the guide.