NBA 2K16 PC Cheat Engine Table for Steam

This cheat table for NBA 2K16 Steam version will basically give you the option to change any value you would ever care about in the game. Game sliders, season settings, MyCareer stats, MyPlayer attributes, badges, and salary caps among many other things. Works in online game modes! Check the Cheat Engine table for more info.

Program Required: Cheat Engine (Free)
Latest version: V5.1 compatible with January 27, 2016 update

Gameplay Settings
  • Sliders - Allows you to modify the sliders settings for User and CPU. Set the value to 1 to enable or 0 to turn it off
  • Season Settings
    • Game per season - You can set it to 14 games, 29 games, 58 games, or full 82 games (full season).
    • Playoff format - You can change the amount of games needed to win the Quarterfinals, Semis, Conference Finals and NBA Finals. You can change it to single elimination, best-of-3 or best-of 5. The default is best-of-7.
    • Sim quarter length - The amount of minutes per quarters when you simulate a game.
  • Create a player - Under this category you'll find various options you can use for your MyPLAYER in MyCareer. You can change your first name and last name, primary and secondary position, scoring style [balanced, outside, inside], height (cm), weight (lbs), handedness & dominant dunk hand [left, right], years pro, peak age and peak end.
    Note: You can only adjust the height during player creation. The max height you can use before your player become distorted is 7 ft 7. Wingspan and body length will automatically all adjust.
  • MyCareer
    • Free Agency Salary - Note that changing the default value could lead to you getting banned.
    • Cyber face ID - Allows you to use the face of an NBA player, coach, staff, celebs and pretty much everyone that has cyberface in the game. Please refer to the cf id list. You must restart the mode in order for the changes to take effect.
    • My Minutes - Minutes per game in MC.
    • Team Chemistry - You change the value from 0 to 100.
    • Fans - Number of fans in MyCareer. Getting 5,000,000 fans will unlock the Man Of The People achievement.
    • MyPark Rep Level - Changes your reputation level at park temporarily. Options are available from Rookie 1 to Legend 5. Server will overwrite after you exit the game.
    • Max upgrades - By default you can only unlock up to 100 attribute upgrades. This cheat allows you to get more. 120 is the maximum which allows you to fully maxed out all skill sets of your player. Take note that by doing so, you will get a "One of a Kind" tag and people can easily identify you as a cheater in MyPark.
    • Offline points - The points you earn in offline game modes.
    • VC - Fake value. Real value is stored on 2K server and cannot be modified. You can only use this to buy upgrades.
    • Upgrade cost - Set to 0 and freeze [X] to buy upgrades for FREE!
    • Attributes boost - These are the +5 skill boosts you buy using VC. Put the amount of games you want. Max is 255.
  • Player Info and Badges - Exit to main menu and reload MyCareer to get valid data if this was activated while already in a mode.
    • Badge selection - Here you can select [ON/OFF] which badges you would like to unlock for your player categories included Personality, Inside & Outside scoring, Playmaking, Defending, Athleticism and Rebounding. To unlock all 83 badges, put FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF in the 'All Badges' address. Make sure to play or sim at least 1 MyCareer in order for the badges to be saved permanently.
      Note: Be careful on what badges you activate since other players can see what badges do you have under box score if you play 2K Pro-Am. For example, pick dodger and perimeter lockdown badge can only be obtained by PG, SG and SF, while post badges are only for PF and C. Bruiser badge is only for players with weight of 200 lbs or more. Some badges can't be activated both such as Alpha dog and beta dog (obviously unless you hacked).
    • Player attributes (Offline) - Your players' attributes in MC mode. Value is equals to 'attribute number' - 25 * 3
  • Attribute Manipulation (Online) - Here you can change the value of each specific attributes for your MyPLAYER. This cheat works in MyPARK.
    • Input desired attributes below (or set an override value all attributes should be set to) in real number format (valid range 25-99)
    • If override is not 0, all attributes are set to that value and individual attributes are ignored. Set override value to 0 to use the individual attributes.
    • Warning: Will affect any edited player when active, not only MyPlayer.
    • Note: These values are NOT saved and the game will revert back to original values when this section is deactivated.
    • Exit to main menu and reload mode every time you change these values for them to take effect.
    • Below are the attributes you can change. Value 0 = uses the default. Max is 99.
      • Standing Layup
      • Driving Layup
      • Post Fadeaway
      • Post Hook
      • Post Control
      • Draw Foul
      • Moving Shot Close
      • Standing Shot Close
      • Moving Shot Mid-Range
      • Standing Shot Mid-Range
      • Moving Shot Three
      • Standing Shot Three
      • Free Throw
      • Ball Control
      • Passing Vision
      • Passing IQ
      • Passing Accuracy
      • Offensive Rebound
      • Standing Dunk
      • Driving Dunk
      • Contact Dunk
      • Shot IQ
      • Hands
      • Defensive Rebound
      • Block
      • Shot Contest
      • Steal
      • On-Ball Defense IQ
      • Low Post Defense IQ
      • Reaction Time
      • Boxout
      • Lateral Quickness
      • Speed
      • Accelleration
      • Vertical
      • Strength
      • Stamina
      • Hustle
      • Head Durability 
      • Neck Durability 
      • Back Durability
      • Left Shoulder Durability 
      • Right Shoulder Durability 
      • Left Elbow Durability 
      • Right Elbow Durability 
      • Left Hip Durability
      • Right Hip Durability 
      • Left Knee Durability 
      • Right Knee Durability 
      • Left Ankle Durability 
      • Right Ankle Durability 
      • Left Foot Durability 
      • Right Foot Durability
      • Miscellaneous Durability
      • Pass Perception
      • Defensive Consistency
      • Pick and Roll Defense IQ
      • Help Defensive IQ
      • Offensive Consistency
      • Emotion
      • Potentioal (Auto calculated)
  • MyGM
    • XP - Amount of experience points earned for current level.
    • Fan Interest - Insert value from 0.0 to 1.0 whereas 1.0 is equivalent to 100%.
    • Team Chemistry - Place a value from zero to 100.
    • Projected Profit/Loss
    • Salary cap - The limit on the amount of funds a team can spend on player salaries.
    • Pre-season Budget Allocation -  Value must be 0 to continue.
    • Training Camp Points
    • Fan Interest and Team Chemistry - same as above
  • Active Match
    • Quarter Number - 1 to 4
    • Quarter Clock - Remaining time in current quarter
    • Shot Clock - Default is 24
    • Home and Away Stats - Here you can edit the in-game statistics for each team including points, rebounds, assists, steals, turnovers, teams fouls etc.
  • MyTeam - A series of ready made scripts for MyTeam's Domination mode. This basically allows you to end and win the game quickly to earn the rewards.
  • MyPlayer Match Stats - Basically what the title says. Here you can change all the stats of your player in MyCareer mode, including team grade, points, turnovers, seconds played, and max fatigued.
  • Clothing, Accessories & Shoes - Allows you to equip items from MyPlayer Store without actually buying it using VC. To use, preview the item first, copy the 'Preview in Store' value and paste it to 'Equipped'. For sneakers, press Numpad 0 to activate.
  • MyCourt - Allows you to purchase items for your practice/shoot-around court for free.

You shouldn't get banned if you play it smart. Most people get banned for messing with the VC (it's what 2K all care about). Do not use all 120 upgrades because you will get the "One of a Kind" tag or in some cases "All-Around Superstar" at Park and people will mass report you to 2K. Do not play 2K Pro-Am unless you have a player card that looks legit enough, which includes seasons played, awards won, badges, average stats etc. Lastly, set your Steam profile status to private because it's easy to identify cheaters by checking their NBA 2K16 achievement dates.

Note: It seems like 2K is tracking down every page. The Reddit thread "NBA 2k16 Cheat Engine tables and table talk" with over 500 comments recently got deleted, and we can't use CE forums anymore as they will delete new threads related to NBA 2K16 cheating/hacking. I guess this is the only place where we can update the tables.

Filaname: Nba2k16-Patch6_V1.0.CT (works with Patch 6 Steam / July 2016)
Created by: Veryan77
Download Links:
Patch 4 v1.0: Download
Patch 4 v2.0: Download
Patch 5 v1.0: Download
Patch 6 v1.0 Download