NBA 2K17 Multifunctional Cheat Table

This is a multifunctional cheat engine table for NBA 2K17 PC. It was originally made for the 3DM version but it seems like other features work as well on Steam copy. It gives you options to modify the game difficulty, quarter length, fatigue effect, injury status, shooting type,  free throw type, quarter & shot clock, MyCAREER player stats, gameplay sliders, game rules, vital info, attributes, badges, tendencies, cyber face id, signature moves, clothing and many other features that will help you speed up the grinding process and modify the overall feel of the game.

How to use
The game must be initiated first. To do this, launch the game and wait until you reach the main menu screen. Open the Cheat Engine table, select NBA 2K17.exe from the process list, and tick the box on the left side to run the script. Other options will only appear after you fully loaded your MyCareer save file. Tested with 3DM and Steam version Patch 1.04.

Last Updated
November 6, 2016

  • Game Difficulty - This is a personal preference and it's adjustable to fit the majority of players. It's changes how strong the defense of the CPU and how hard to score a basket. There are 5 difficulty levels: Rookie, Pro, All-Star, Superstar and Hall of Fame. Rookie being the easiest and HoF being the hardest. Editing the sliders will result to 'Custom' difficulty.
  • Real Life Quarter Length - Changes the quarter length in real life minutes.
  • Simulation Quarter Length  - Changes the quarter length in game simulation minutes.
  • Existing Time Standardization - To standardize the existing quarter length of the game in progress to match the PC Simulation.
  • Existing Stats Standardization -  To modify the stats of the game in progress in order to match that of the simulation.
  • Fatigue Switch - Allows you to enable or disable the fatigue in the game. Currently this option doesn't seem to work in MyCareer mode.
  • Injury Switch - Allows you to enable or disable injury. If you want to turn it on or off in MC, be sure to allow it to be saved automatically (wait for the basketball loading icon), and then, reload the save file).
  • Shooting Type Switch - Option 1 = Player Success Rate and Option 2 = Player Real Time Success Rate.
  • Free Throw Type Switch - Option 1 = Player Success Rate and Option 2 = Player Real Time Success Rate.
  • Game Speed - Set to any value from  0 to 1. 0 being the slowest and 1 being the fastest. The default is 0.5.
  • Free Throw Difficulty -  Set to any value from  0 to 1. 0 being the easiest and 1 being the hardest. The default is 0.5.
  • Current Quarter - Changes the current quarter number. Set to 1 to 4.
  • Remaining Quarter - Changes the remaining time in a quarter. Set the value in seconds.
  • Remaining Attacking Time - Changes the shotclock time. By default, each team have a maximum of 24 seconds.

  • Vital Information - Here you can change your first and last name, Face ID (default = 1), Picture ID = (default = 0), jersey number, primary and secondary position (Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward and Center), date of birth, shooting hand (option 1 = left | option 2 = right), dominant dunking hand (option 1 = left | option 2 = right | option 3 = both), play initiator  (option 1 = Yes | option 2 = No), draft year (1900 Onward), draft round and draft pick number.
  • Physical Information - Allows you to change your player's height in cm, arm length in cm, weight in pounds, body length ratio, and shoulder width ratio.
  • Attributes - Allows you to modify each attribute. Value is equals to (attribute number - 25) multiplied by 3.
  • Badges - For all the listed badges with 2 options: Option 1 = Locked | Option 2 = Unlocked. Badges with more than 2 options include the tier: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Hall of Fame and Grand Badges. You can unlock all badges including those that you're not supposed to have.
  • Tendencies - Value range is from 0 to 100.
  • Signature Moves - Allows you to assign a jump shot, layup, dunks, dribble moves, etc to your player.
  • Shoes - Unique shoe id. Allows you to copy the shoes you assigned from 'Create a Player' to your MyPLAYER.
  • Upgrade Limit - Unlocks more upgrade levels for your level. Maximum value is 150.
  • Attribute Points
  • Fans - Modifies the total number of your social media fans.
  • Doin' Work Meter - Quickly fills the meter after shooting at least once. Option 1 = Off and Option 2 = On
* All options in 'MyPLAYER Edit' are also applicable to other players in your save file including Justice Young and Denver Levins.

Created by q592239

Thanks to 'aandwdabest' for translating the trainer from Chinese to English. Let us know in the comment section if you can help us fully translate this table.

Version 4
- Updated CE Table. Now compatible with  title update #4
Download: NBA2K17 Multifunctional CT 4.CT

Version 3
- Updated CE Table. Now compatible with  title update #3
Download: NBA2K17 Multifunctional CT 3.CT

Version 2
- Updated CE Table. Now compatible with title update #2
- Translated core features to English
Download: NBA2K17 Multifunctional CT 2.CT

Version 1
-  Multifunctional Cheat Table compatible with update 1.5 released!
Download: NBA 2K17 Multi Functional CT 1.CT

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