NBA 2K14 Zalgiris Kaunas Roster Update (Euroleague)

A small patch for NBA 2K14 to update the roster of Zalgiris Kaunas team (2013-14 Euroleague). It's compatible with the default NBA 2K14 PC game and it doesn't replace any original game content. The pack contains 1 roster, and 6 cyberface files for the newly added players.

NBA 2K14 All-Time Greatest Roster (Legends + Current)

As much as I love the default NBA 2K14 game, it's always fun to mess around with the rosters. So I re-assigned the legends and current superstars to assemble the best of all-time roster for each NBA franchise (30 teams).

If you're wondering if there's a catch, there is! A player could only appear on one team. This makes the roster compatible with all the game modes whether it's Association, MyCAREER, or exhibition game.

NBA 2K14 Euroleague Teams Patch (Full Update)

NBA 2K14 Euroleague patch is a total re-creation of the European teams in the game, with accurate rosters, players, jerseys, and courts based upon the real Turkish Airlines Euroleague basketball. It can be played perfectly along with current and classic NBA teams.

PBA 2K13 Roster Update

PBA 2K13 is a modification for an existing NBA 2K13 game. It is a requirement that all versions from v1.0 to v1.4 of this mod are installed on your system prior to applying this roster update patch.

• Recent Changes:
- Contains 3 rosters compatible with different game modes: Quick Game, Blacktop, & Association.
- Fixed the Quick Game roster (Mitchell glitch)
- Fixed the portraits of the imports
- Updated the player ratings
- Fixed the headband accessory colors (White for Home and Black for Away)

PBA 2K13 Mod v1.4 Update

Description: This is an update to PBA 2K13 mod. It will replace the NBA teams with PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) teams + NCAA & UAAP teams.
Version 1.4 Features • Latest 2013 PBA Governors' Cup rosters and lineups. • Cyberface fixes for several local players & imports. • Includes 3 updated PBA 2K13 rosters: - PBA2K13 Govs Cup for Assoc.ROS - Dedicated roster for Association mode. - PBA2K13 Govs Cup for Blacktop.ROS - Roster specially made for Blacktop mode. - PBA2K13 Govs Cup for Quick Game.ROS - Use this roster if you want to play exhibition games / Quick Game.

FIBA 2K13 Mod v1.3 Update

Description: Here's a small update for the FIBA 2K13 mod to keep us busy while waiting for NBA 2K14. The newest patch fixes certain things from the previous release. It also includes a new roster file with updated player ratings and attributes.

[34] List of all the teams included in this mod in alphabetical order:
*Indicates the teams/countries that qualifies to the FIBA World Cup 2014 in Spain.
• Angola *
• Argentina *
• Australia *
• Brazil
• Canada
• China
• Chinese Taipei
• Croatia *
• Dominican Republic *
• France *
• Georgia
• Germany
• Great Britain
• Greece
• Iran *
• Italy
• Japan
• Jordan
• Korea *
• Lithuania *
• Macedonia
• New Zealand *
• Nigeria
• Philippines *
• Poland
• Puerto Rico *
• Russia
• Serbia *
• Slovenia *
• Spain *
• Tunisia
• Turkey
• USA *
• Venezuela

Currently not available: Egypt *, Senegal *, Mexico *, Ukraine *, + four teams from Wild card selection.

Version 1.3 Features: - 30 cyberface updates
- Added player portraits (photos) - Updates on FIBA Ameri…

FIBA 2K13 Mod v1.2 Add-on (33 Total Teams)

Description: This patch is an add-on for the FIBA 2K13 mod with 20 international teams. It will add the Smart Gilas Pilipinas (Philippine National Basketball Team) along with 12 other new teams.

NBA 2K13 Summer League 2013 Mod v6

Description: This mod allows you to play 2013 NBA Summer League in NBA 2K13 PC.

- 2013 NBA Summer League court & stadium.
- All latest team transactions, draftees, trades, free agents, and rookies.
- NBA D-League Select Team
- New Orleans Pelicans
- All new coaches and assistants
- All practice jerseys are set to default
- Thomas & Mack Center - UNLV court are set to every team as default.

Updated to version 2:
- Added a host of current new players to Free Agent all trying to make it back in and to the NBA some currently on teams for The Summer League. [Didn't Add them not sure who's going to make it]
- Added Portraits to some players
- All players in this mod have assigned faces
- Updated team transactions as of 7/19/2013

Minor Changes:
- Chris Johnson - Minnesota Timberwolves (Fixed the head-shape size)
- Courtney Sims - Free Agent (Added player tattoos)
- Adam Hanga - Free Agent (Changed the skin tone to lighter)
- Alexis Ajinca - Free Agent (Lighter skin co…

PBA 2K13 Mod v1.3 Update

Description: This is an update to the PBA 2K13 mod(Philippine Basketball Association). You must download and install all the previous versions (v1.0, v1.1, v1.2) before installing this patch.

Features: PBA and College teams. Bonus retro teams, all-stars, and PBA's greatest.

What's new in v1.3:
- Complete cyberfaces (PBA, UAAP, & NCAA)
- Updated PBA 2013 rosters & rotations with imports
- Updated faces (PBA, UAAP, NCAA, & Retro Players)
- Updated jerseys (UAAP, NCAA, & PBA)
- New warm-up jerseys / practice uniforms
- Custom global with new gears & accessories
- Updated courts dornas (sideline advertisements)
- New PBA 2K13 soundtrack playlist
- PBA rookies added in free agency pool
- Includes 2 PBA rosters: AFC and Coms Cup
- New classic teams: Ginebra, Purefoods, San Miguel Beer, & Alaska Greats

NBA 2K13 Summer League 2013 Roster Update

Description: This is an NBA 2K13 roster update for the 2013 NBA Summer League mod by Retroman. All I did was attempt to create more realistic rotations and rosters based on the original.

Few teams, including New York Knicks & Miami Heat do not have updated roster & rotations given that there are no enough players to make a full Summer League team. All teams that do not have enough players to make a full 12 man roster will have players that have 0 minutes so they do not get subbed in.

I love playing this roster and I hope others will as well. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions regarding this roster.

NBA 2K13 Slam Dunk + Kuroko + Space Jam Mod

Description: This mod for NBA 2K13 PC adds 10 created teams in the game, featuring 7 teams from Slam Dunk anime, 2 teams from Space Jam movie, and 1 bonus team from Kuroko no Basuke anime.

Looney Tunes Characters
• Slam Dunk: Shohoku,  Ryonan, Shoyo, Kainan, Sannoh, Toyotama, & SD All-Stars
• Space Jam: Team Monstars and Tune Squad
• Kuroko no Basket: Kuroko All-Star team

NBA 2K13 Blacktop Revitalization Mod v1

Description: This mod for NBA 2K13 makes the Blacktop mode more interesting! NBA teams are replaced and filled with the best players in different categories, making it easier to find the players based on their signature skills. This NBA 2K13 mod is meant for Blacktop Mode only.

- Two new Blacktop mode courts (small gym & basic court w/ car lights)
- Blacktop roster based on the final official update from 2K Sports
- No accessories other than some randomly assigned T-shirts
- NBA jerseys/uniforms replaced with generic clothes: casual tops and shorts
- Players wear different uniforms if they are home or away

FIBA 2K13 Decades Roster for Xbox 360 v2

Description: This is a custom roster file for NBA 2K13 XBOX 360 which includes 37 FIBA teams (also includes retro/old international teams).

Updated to version 2:
- Added 2013 USA Rookies Team (2013 Draft Picks) replaced USA Retro
- Added Nate Archibald to 70s USA
- Added Ben Wallace to USA Enforcers
- Changed USA Young Gun Roster(Added some players)
- Moved Anthony Davis to Young Guns(moved Granger to 2012 USA and set him at 0 MPG) wanted to give Davis a chance to play
- Added Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard to USA Elite(more PT for them)
- Tweaked Ratings and Tendencies throughout the Roster

List of Teams:
• 1960s USA(NBA Players)
• 1970s USA(NBA Players)
• 1980s College Stars
• 1980s USA(NBA Players)
• 1990s College Stars
• 1990s USA(NBA)- Non Dream Team
• 1992 Croatia
• 1992 Lithuania
• 1992 USA
• 2000s College All Stars
• 2000s USA(NBA)- Non Dream Team or 2012 Team
• 2002 Yugoslavia
• 2004 Argentina
• 2006 Greece
• 2012 Australia
• 2012 Brazil
• 2012 France
• 2012 Italy
• 2012 Lithu…

PBA 2K13 Mod v1.2 Update

Description: This is an update to the PBA 2K13 mod. You must download and install version 1 and version 1.1 first before installing this update.
What's new in v1.2:
- Correct UAAP and NCAA players
- Added cyberfaces for college players (not all)
- PBA 2K13 2K beats soundtrack Pinoy music
- Real UAAP, NCAA, and PBA dornas/sideline ads
- Added images of PBA players on the main game menu
- Updated some cyberface for PBA players
- Includes PBA teams Throwback / Retro classic jerseys
- Includes 4 rosters:
 1. All Filipino
 2. All Filipino BlackTop (Use only for BlackTop mode)
 3. Commissioner's Cup (Includes PBA imports)
 4. Commissioner's Cup BlackTop (Use only for BlackTop mode)

NBA 2K13 8 Year Conference Finals Roster v.095

Description: This is a modified roster file for NBA 2K13 that includes 32 teams from Eastern and Western Conference Finals for the last 8 years.
- Updated to version 0.09
Fixed jersey numbers & accessories courtesy of ap18)
- Updated to version 0.095
- Added accurate rotations for each team, Fixed the coaches for most teams, Fixed Shaq - T-Mac face
• 2005-2006 Miami Heat
• 2005-2006 Dallas Mavericks
• 2005-2006 Detroit Pistons
• 2005-2006 Phoenix Suns
• 2006-2007 Cleveland Cavaliers
• 2006-2007 Utah Jazz
• 2006-2007 Detroit Pistons
• 2006-2007 San Antonio Spurs
• 2007-2008 Boston Celtics
• 2007-2008 Los Angeles Lakers
• 2007-2008 Detroit Pistons
• 2007-2008 San Antonio Spurs
• 2008-2009 Cleveland Cavaliers
• 2008-2009 Los Angeles Lakers
• 2008-2009 Orlando Magic
• 2008-2009 Denver Nuggets
• 2009-2010 Boston Celtics
• 2009-2010 Los Angeles Lakers
• 2009-2010 Orlando Magic
• 2009-2010 Phoenix Suns
• 2010-2011 Chicago Bulls
• 2010-2011 Miami Heat
• 2010-2011 Dallas Mave…

PBA 2K13 Roster Update with Imports

Description: This is a roster update for the PBA 2K13 mod with imports included.

PBA 2K13 Mod v1.1 Update

Description: This is an update to the PBA 2K13 mod. You must download and install the version 1 first before installing this patch.

PBA 2K13 Mod Roster Update

Description: This is a roster update for the PBA 2K13 (Philippine Basketball Association). You can download the version 1.0 of the mod by following this link.
- Updated shooting forms and shot releases
- Fixed the jersey numbers of the PBA players
- Fixed the positions
- Moved all the players without cyberface to Free Agency pool. This is a temporary fix until the PBA2K team creates cyberface files for those players.
Credits to: Gary Gregorios & Norman Timekiller
Created by: itsmekhimsanity
Download:Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared

PBA 2K13 Mod v1.0

Description: This mod for NBA 2K13 PC adds 10 teams from the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association)
- Includes 10 teams from the PBA
- PBA players cyberface files
- Official home and away PBA jerseys
- 3 PBA courts and stadiums (Smart, Araneta Coliseum, Cuneta Astrodome,  & Mall of Asia Arena)
- Modified game arts including wipe transitions, scoreboard, and PBA2K13 “San ka? Kampihan na” custom titlescreen.
- PBA team logos

NBA 2K13 ABA Liga / Adriatic League Mod

Description: A mod which transforms your regular NBA 2K13 game into ABA Liga 2K13. It consists of five different teams from the ABA League, namely Cedevita, Crvena Zvezda, Igokea, Partizan, and Radnicki.