NBA 2K17 MyCareer Black Screen Fix

Here is a way of fixing the black screen bug in NBA 2K17 that happens before entering a game in MyCAREER mode. I thought this guide would be helpful for other players who are having the same issue. It came to me right after finishing the regular season. I was about to play my first Playoffs game and suddenly I got stuck in a never-ending black loading screen. I tried re-entering MyCAREER and even restarting the game but neither helped me fix this widely reported issue.

Luckily were able to find a workaround through experimentation.

For PlayStation 4 users, press the following buttons in order:
PS4 NBA 2K17 MyCareer Black Screen Fix

Here's how to do it on Xbox One controller:
Xbox One MyCareer Black Screen Fix

Some users have also reported that simply pressing circle button on PS4 or B button on XB1 should fix it. This fix works on the PS4, Xbox One and PC version of NBA 2K17.  Now you don't have to completely start a new save file. This tutorial will be here until 2K Sports sorts this one out.

If that does not work the only thing I can suggest is to go onto 2K's support site and then create a support ticket here:

Update: 2K Sports has already fixed this bug in Patch 1.04.

Do you have other issues? Post in the comments below to let us know what you found.