New ESPN scoreboard mod for NBA 2K14 PC with five versions to choose from. This is based on the older version of the ESPN scoreboard by exrxixxx (v2.1), which doesn't display the current team standings or the dynamic updates for the Playoffs series at the bottom part. Instead it displays the following wordmarks:
  • NBA Cares Season of Giving
  • ESPN Wednesday
  • ESPN Friday
  • ESPN Sunday
  • ESPN Special Showcase
Three versions of the team logos:
  • Primary logos - Old logos from last year
  • New primary logos (10x) - Main team color as background. Ex. Warriors = blue
  • Secondary logos (13x) - Alternate team color as background. Example: Warriors = golden yellow
NBA 2K14 ESPN Scoreboard Screenshots
NBA Cares ESPN Scoreboard

NBA Sunday Showcase

NBA Friday

Filenamesnewscorebug.iff, english.iff, logo###.iff
Created by: JoeJames
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared

Other versions:
NBA 2K14 ESPN Scoreboard Mod v3.0
NBA 2K14 ESPN Scoreboard Mod v2.1

1. Download the ESPN scoreboard patch.
2. Extract it using WinRAR.
3. Choose between the 16:9 and 16:10 version.
4. Select the ESPN scoreboard (newscorebug.iff) of your choice and paste it to NBA 2K14 game folder.
5. Install the primary teams logos (english.iff + logo###.iff) in your NBA 2K14 game folder.
Optional: Install new primary or secondary logos.