NBA 2K14 to NBA 2K15 Graphics Conversion Mod

NBA 2K14 to NBA 2K15 graphics conversion pack. This mod replaces the game menu logos, in-game watermark, and start-up screen. Titlepage.iff replaces the game's title screen (#1-2 screenshots). Global.iff replaces the NBA 2K14 logo at title screen with NBA 2K15, and it will also change some logo in the game menu (#3-5 screenshots). Gooeyoverlaysstatic.iff replaces the in-game watermark that you see at the bottom left corner of the screen (#6-7 screenshots). Frontend_sync.iff will change the logoS in the main menu (last pic).

NBA 2K15 title screen mod featuring cover athlete Kevin Durant.

Three logos at the lower left of title screen

NBA 2K15 logo and "Your time has come" tagline

Game menu options NBA 2K15 logo

NBA 2K15 in-game watermark

Filenames: titlepage.iff, global.iff, gooeyoverlaysstatic.iff, frontend_sync.iff
Created byJmrC
Credits to: SJ (seanjohn1414) for the global
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared