NBA 2K13 Latest ESPN Scoreboard ModNBA 2K13 Playoffs Colored ESPN Scoreboard + 3D Logos

Description: This mod for NBA 2K13 adds a new ESPN scoreboard in the game with 3D NBA logos beside the team name abbreviation on the scoreboard.

NBA 2K13 ESPN Transition Overlay Graphics Mod

- Current ESPN scoreboard texture (updated some details)
- Updated team logos texture
- Colored scoreboard + logos and team names
- Working "Bonus" text (under team score) after committing 5 team fouls
- Hex edited to make the pop-up stats background panel to zero transparency
- 3D teams logos with team names on the scoreboard
- Includes 8 variations (Different inscriptions): NBA on ESPN, NBA Playoffs, NBA Playoffs First Round, Eastern Conference Semi-finals, Western Conference Semi-finals, Eastern Conference Finals, Western Conference Finals, and NBA Finals.

Colored ESPN Scoreboard with 3D Logos In-game Previews

1. Install the ESPN 3D Logos Mod.
2. Choose between the 8 scoreboards and install it into NBA 2K13 folder (newscorebug.iff)
3. Install the logo files into NBA 2K13 folder (logo000.iff - logo031.iff)
For those who are having problems with the scoreboard
4. Install this modified .exe file (Create a backup of your nba2k13.exe first)
Note: You may need to override or delete the newscorebug.iff located under NBA 2K13 Roaming folder > Online Data > downloads.
Created by: Janmykelg
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared