NBA 2K13 Trainer Hack & Cheats
NBA 2K13 Trainer Hack / Cheats version 1

Features: This NBA 2K13 cheats / hack program can modify certain address and values in-game. To use this trainer simply extract the .rar file and run the program (No need to install). Press the hotkey for the corresponding effect.
Language: Chinese, English
License Type: Shareware
Platform: PC (Windows XP, Vista & 7)
Developer: Fling - 3DM
Download: Depositfiles | Mediafire | Fileswap
How to use: Place the .exe file to NBA 2K13 installation directory then create a desktop shortcut. You must also run this NBA 2K13 Trainer as administrator.
NBA 2K13 v1.0 Plus 10 Trainer
Numpad 1 Infinite Stamina
Numpad 2 Infinite SP
Numpad 3 Max Teammate Grade
Numpad 4 Freeze Timer
Numpad 5 End Current Section
Numpad 6 Increase Fans
Numpad 7 Max Attribute Cap
Numpad 8 Fast Game Speed
Numpad 9 Slow Motion
Numpad 0 Reset Speed
Numpad + Increase SP
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