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NBA 2K14 Patch - Cyberface Mod Pack (8 Players)

I'll just release all the cyberface mods that I made for NBA 2K14 PC this year, since I'll be gone for awhile due to busy work schedule. This pack contains cf for eight superstar players. I've spent a lot of time editing the textures and head shapes to make it look accurate and match their face in real life. Enjoy!

NBA 2K14 7 Players Cyberface Pack

NBA 2K14 PC cyber face mod pack. It contains 7 cyberface files for the following players:

NBA 2K14 “Gratitude” Global Mod Pack V2

An update to the global mod for NBA 2K14 made by SJ. It fixes the skin color issue from version 1. It also includes a new stadium for the Heat, which is optional to install.

Recent Changes [V2]
- Fixed the red/orange skin tone issue
- Stadium feel mod for the Miami Heat court

NBA 2K14 Next-Gen Cyber Face Mods Compilation

This mod pack is a compilation of all the next-gen cyber faces made by RmR17 for NBA 2K14 PC. The patch includes a total of 6 CFs for the following players: Kyrie Irving, Tyson Chandler, Tony Parker, Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. Check out the screenshots below, and let me know what you think. If you don't like it, just don't download it.

NBA 2K13 Heat's & Spurs' Big 3 Cyberface Pack

Description: This pack for NBA 2K13 contains 6 new cyberface files for Miami Heat's Big Three (LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, & Chris Bosh) and San Antonio Spurs' Big Three (Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan, & Tony Parker)
Created by: Drx171
Click each filename below to see other CF versions.
Filenames:png0411.iff, png1017.iff, png1016.iff, png1013.iff, png0970.iff, png0839.iff
Download:Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared

NBA 2K13 East All-Star Starters Cyberface Pack

Description: This pack contains 5 highly detailed cyberfaces for the East All-Star starters (Jrue Holiday, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James and Kevin Garnett)
Created by: Otakutribe
Credits: AmaroWaade for the textures
Filenames: png1015.iff, png1017.iff, png1607.iff, png0365.iff, png1013.iff
Download links: Mediafire | Box | 4shared | Mega

NBA 2K14 LeBron James “I Promise” Pack

NBA 2K14 LBJ I'm coming home mod pack includes realistic LeBron James cyberface with new texture and head shape, LBJ black practice uniform (replaces Cleveland away practice), and two globals to achieve similar results like in the screenshots below (no enb or sfx). Features SJ Gen and Lagoa's global with buff body.

NBA 2K14 Realistic LeBron James Cyberface Mod V5

Here's the fifth version of the realistic NBA 2K14 LeBron James cyber face mod by basagre28. The CF comes in two versions - with and without mouthpiece. I also added some bonus jerseys in the patch. The red Nike Witness jersey replaces the away practice jersey of the Miami Heat.

NBA 2K13 3 NBA Superstars Cyberface Pack

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch adds new cyberface for Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.
Filenames:png1017.iff, png1013.iff, & png0195.iff
Converted by: Mattan
Credits: Liahen & Yeyue115 (Wade), BBMyLove (LeBron), Brynteric (Kobe)
Download: Mega | 4shared | Box | Mediafire

NBA 2K13 Miami Heat's Big 3 Cyberface Pack

Description: This patch updates the cyberface of the Miami Heat's "Big Three" - LeBron James, Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh.
Other versions: LeBron James CFsDwyane Wade CFsChris Bosh CFs
Created by: Otakutribe
Filenames: png1013.iff, png1016.iff & png1017.iff
Download:Mediafire | 4shared | Box

NBA 2K14 LeBron James HD Face Texture V1.1

NBA 2K14 HD LeBron James CF mod by Amarowaade. This cyberface has a bigger file size than the usual due to higher texture resolution (2048×2048). Accurate 3D head shape and very detailed face. In-game previews are available below.

NBA 2K14 LeBron James Realistic Face Mod V2.1

NBA 2K14 realistic LeBron James cyberface version 2.1. I removed the darkness around the eyes and slightly tweaked the nose as requested. You can check the previous version HERE (V2).

NBA 2K14 LeBron James Realistic Face Mod V2.0

NBA 2K14 realistic LeBron James cyberface version 2. It has an accurate 3D head shape of LBJ. The face texture is very detailed with beard and stubble.

NBA 2K14 Realistic LeBron James Cyberface Mod V4

This will be the fourth and final version of the NBA 2K14 LeBron James cyber face mod by basagre28. Some enhancements were made to copy the exact facial features of LeBron James in real life. Check out the in-game screenshots below!

NBA 2K14 LeBron James Cyberface Mod (With & Without Mask)

NBA 2K14 cyber face mod for LeBron James of the Miami Heat. MGX updated the CF texture to make the mask more realistic. It also now includes a version without the clear mask. Just choose your preferred version and copy it to the game folder.

NBA 2K14 LeBron James Clear Protective Mask Mod

LeBron James wearing a Clear Mask in NBA 2K14
As most of you already know, the NBA asked LeBron James to change his black protective mask. This mod for NBA 2K14 adds a new cyber face for King James that includes a clear mask.

NBA 2K14 LeBron James Black Carbon-fiber Mask Mod

Here's another version of LeBron James cyber face sporting a black carbon-fiber mask in the game. This mod will replace the original NBA 2K14 CF so don't forget to make a backup.

NBA 2K14 LeBron James with Black Protective Mask Mod

This mod for NBA 2K14 adds a black protective mask to the default cyber face of LeBron James. He wore a black mask against the New York Knicks on Thursday to protect his broken nose. Check out the in-game screenshots below!

NBA 2K14 LeBron James Next-Gen Cyberface V2

An update to the next-gen LeBron James cyber face mod that I released last week. You can check out the comparison screenshots below.

NBA 2K14 Realistic LeBron James Cyberface (Not Next-Gen)

Not a next-gen like cyber face mod with shiny forehead and everything, but rather a realistic one with normal skin tone. It updates the NBA 2K14 cyberface of Miami Heat forward LeBron James.