NBA 2K14 Realistic LeBron James Cyberface Mod (Final)

This will be the fourth and final version of the NBA 2K14 LeBron James cyber face mod by basagre28. Some enhancements were made to copy the exact facial features of LeBron James in real life. Check out the in-game screenshots below!

Current version: Updated to v4.0
Previous versions: v1.0, v2.0 and v3.0

Adjusted LeBron's Headband - NBA 2K14

Realistic LeBron Face NBA 2K14

Real LeBron James Face Mod for NBA 2K14

LBJ Cyberface Patch

  • Realistic face texture of LBJ
  • Added his newest tattoos
  • Realistic facial hair / beard
  • Accurate headband position

Created bybasagre28
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