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NBA 2K13 Joe Johnson HD Cyber Face Patch

NBA 2K13 HD Mod - Cyberface of  Joe Johnson (Nets)
Description: This patch for NBA 2K13 contains the HD customized cyber face of  Joe Johnson of the Brooklyn Nets.
Created by: Amarowaade
File name: png0807.iff
Download:4shared | Box | Mediafire

NBA2K13 Joe Johnson HD Face - Side view
→ NBA 2K13 Joe Johnson Cyber Face version 1 by wilson27

NBA 2K13 Joe Johnson Cyberface Patch

Description: This patch for NBA 2K13 gives Joe Johnson of the Brooklyn Nets a new cyberface in the game.
Other versions:NBA 2K13 Joe Johnson Face Mods

NBA 2K13 6 NBA Superstars Cyberface Pack v1

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch adds new cyberface for Danny Granger, Deron Williams, Carmelo Anthony, Joe Johnson, Kyrie Irving, and Tony Parker.
Filenames:png0807.iff, png0839.iff, png1015.iff, png1258.iff, png1272.iff, & png2122.iff
Converted by: PeterDaS4int2K
Credits to: Amarowaade, Brynteric, Calvin, Drift, MGX, MIR, and URH28
Download:Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared

NBA 2K13 Brooklyn Nets Cyber Face Pack

Brooklyn Nets Cyberface Pack for NBA 2K13 PC
Description: This NBA 2K13 mod contains 10 custom cyber face for the Brooklyn Nets team. This includes the following players: Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Reggie Evans, Gerald Wallace, Brook Lopez, MarShon Brooks, Keith Bogans, C.J. Watson, Jerry Stackhouse, and Donte Greene
Features: New custom cyber faces and improved player tattoos Files: png0008.iff, png0807.iff, png0834.iff, png1049.iff, png1143.iff, png1258.iff, png1503.iff, png1516.iff, png1533.iff, png2158.iff
Note: The cyber face pack will replace the original NBA 2K13 files, it is recommended to create a backup first before modding your game.
Download:4shared | Box | Mediafire
Credits: AmaroWaade, YMCA38, URH28, MIR, 2008,  Tha King

NBA 2K13 Joe Johnson Cyber Face

(click to enlarge the image) Joe Johnson of the Brooklyn Nets Cyberface for NBA 2K13 PC
File name: png0807.iff
Developer: wilson27
Download: Fileswap | Box | Mediafire