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NBA 2K14 L.A. Clippers Jersey Pack V2

This jersey pack updates the home (white), away (red), alternate (blue), and nautical short-sleeved uniforms (light blue) of the Los Angeles Clippers in NBA 2K14.

Current version: Updated to v2.0
- Realistic jersey fabric texture
- Stitched on twill letters and numbers

NBA 2K14 Complete Los Angeles Clippers Jersey Patch

Full set of enhanced Los Angeles Lakers jerseys for NBA 2K14. The patch includes classic and current jerseys of the Clippers. Continue on for the complete list.

NBA 2K14 Los Angeles Clippers Jersey Mod

An NBA 2K14 jersey pack for the L.A. Clippers that includes the home (white), away (red), and alternate (blue) uniforms that matches the official 2013-14 season design. All three files have realistic jersey fabric texture with tiny REV30 type of mesh holes. Other changes include correction on the placement of the numbers, updated team name font, and new bench warm-up uniforms courtesy of Tha King.

NBA 2K14 Real Home Jersey Colors Mod (HEX Edited)

Description: We all know that lots of jerseys in NBA 2K14 are way off in terms of color. Let's take Knicks' road uniform as an example. In the game the color of their away jersey is sky blue, which is supposed to be darker. This mod pack will fix this kind of issues in the game, thanks to NBAModder for hex-editing all the jerseys to achieve the true colors.

NBA 2K13 L.A. Clippers All Jerseys Patch

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch updates all the current jerseys of the Los Angeles Clippers. The pack includes the following uniforms: Home, Away (red), Alternate (blue), Home Practice (white/black), Away Practice (all black), Big Color/X-mas Jersey (solid red) and an optional adidas® black jersey limited edition.
- Darker and more realistic jersey colors
- Jersey numbers created from scratch with higher quality.
- New warmup and practice uniforms.

NBA 2K13 Los Angeles Clippers Jersey Pack

Description: This patch for NBA 2K13 updates 10 uniforms of the Los Angeles Clippers. This pack includes the following jerseys: Home (white), Away (red), Alternate (blue), Classic Away I (orange - Buffalo Braves), Classic Home II (white w/ blue), Classic Away II (red w/ blue), Classic Away II Alt (blue w/ white), Classic Away III (light blue), and 2 practice jerseys.

Features: Detailed uniforms and enhanced colors
Created by: Generic
Filenames: uh006.iff, ux006.iff, uh106.iff, ua106.iff, ua006.iff, r3a006.iff, r2x006.iff, r2h006.iff, r2a006.iff, & r1a006.iff
Download: Mega | Mediafire | 4shared | Box

NBA 2K13 Los Angeles Clippers Jersey Mod

NBA 2K13 L.A. Clippers Blue Alternate Jersey
Description: This NBA 2K13 patch contains the enhanced jerseys of the Los Angeles Clippers.
Mod Features:
• Modified home, away and alternate Clippers jersey
• All new REV30 mesh holes, smaller and fully detailed.
• New Clippers, and Los Angeles script, fixed the size and position
• Correct number texture, size, color and position
• Correct thickness of the side panels
• Higly-detailed logos
• Realistic warmup uniforms
Files: logo006.iff, ua006.iff, uh006.iff, ux006.iff
Created by: Tha King
Download:Box | Mediafire | 4shared
Note: You need to use the latest NBA 2K13 roster in order to see the blue alternate jersey of the Clippers.

NBA 2K13 L.A. Clippers Away Jersey Mod Preview
NBA 2K13 L.A. Clippers Home Jersey Mod Preview
NBA 2K13 L.A. Clippers Warmup Uniform Mod Preview

NBA 2K13 Los Angeles Clippers Jersey Patch

(Click the image to enlarge) NBA 2K13 Road Jersey Mod Preview - Blake Griffin
NBA 2K13 Home Jersey Mod Preview - Chris Paul
Description:  This NBA 2K13 PC patch contains the updated versions of the home and away jerseys of the Los Angeles Clippers.
Features: Correct colors and better textures.
Files: ua006.iff and uh006.iff
Developer: ldc1024
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