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NBA 2K14 Rajon Rondo HD Face Texture

NBA 2K14 HD Rajon Rondo CF mod by Amarowaade. Patch includes two versions, both have high resolution textures (2048×2048). See the in-game screenies below for comparison between v1 and v2.

NBA 2K14 LeBron James HD Face Texture V1.1

NBA 2K14 HD LeBron James CF mod by Amarowaade. This cyberface has a bigger file size than the usual due to higher texture resolution (2048×2048). Accurate 3D head shape and very detailed face. In-game previews are available below.

NBA 2K14 Michael Jordan HD Face Texture

NBA 2K14 HD Michael Jordan 1997-1998 CF mod by Amarowaade. It has accurate head shape and high-resolution face texture (2048×2048). See in-game previews below.

NBA 2K14 Derrick Rose HD Face Texture

NBA 2K14 HD Derrick Rose CF mod by Amarowaade. The file size of this cyber face is bigger than the usual because it has 2048×2048 texture. Realistic, very detailed, more defined, and has crisp high resolution face texture. Check out the previews below.

NBA 2K14 Ray Allen HD Cyberface Mod

HD NBA 2K14 cyber face mod for free-agent shooting guard Ray Allen. The texture was originally made by Amarowaade. He sent the higher-resolution face texture and gave me permission to release it. Enjoy!

NBA 2K14 Carmelo Anthony Realistic Face V2

Realistic NBA 2K14 face for Melo of the New York Knicks. Version 2 - includes beard, detailed face texture and some adjustments to the head shape. Special thanks to Amarowaade and KingDareal.

NBA 2K14 Chris "CP3" Paul Cyberface V2

This patch gives Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris "CP3" Paul a realistic cyber face in NBA 2K14. Credits to Amarowaade.

NBA 2K14 Chris Bosh Cyberface Mod

An update to the NBA 2K14 cyber face of Miami Heat power forward / center Chris Bosh. 3D head shape made by Amarowaade.

NBA 2K14 Realistic Amar'e Stoudemire Cyberface (Shaved + Beard)

A realistic Amar'e Stoudemire cyber face mod for NBA 2K14. Includes two versions: V1 shaved afro without beard and V2 shaved afro with beard.

NBA 2K14 Dwyane Wade Cyberface Mod (Hair Update)

Dwyane Wade cyber face mod for NBA 2K14 with semi-bald haircut. This D.Wade CF was originally made by Amarowaade. I only updated the hair part.

NBA 2K14 The Black Mamba Cyberface Pack [5 Versions]

A compilation of NBA 2K14 cyber face mod for the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant. The patch contains five CF versions:

NBA 2K14 Stephen Curry Cyberface V2

Realistic NBA 2K14 cyber face texture mod for Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry.

NBA 2K14 Russell Westbrook Cyberface

NBA 2K14 cyber face mod for Russell Westbrook (OKC Thunder) with realistic texture and accurate head shape.

NBA 2K14 Kawhi Leonard Cyberface

An update to the NBA 2K14 cyber face for Kawhi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs.

NBA 2K14 Paul George HD Face Mod (2 Versions)

HD cyber face mod for Paul George of the Indiana Pacers. You can choose between the two versions that best suits your taste. I hope you like it. Merry Christmas!

NBA 2K14 Monta Ellis Cyberface Mod

A photo-realistic NBA 2K14 cyber face mod for Dallas Mavericks guard Monta Ellis.

NBA 2K14 Paul Pierce Cyberface

New NBA 2K14 cyber face for veteran Paul Pierce. I'm not sure if you guys still want it since Amarowaade already released his version but, meh. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!

NBA 2K14 Stephen Curry Cyberface V1

Okay, here's another NBA 2K14 cf. A realistic cyber face for Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry.

NBA 2K14 Chris Paul & James Harden Cyberface

Two files that I forgot to add in my previous NBA 2K14 cyberface pack release. This includes realistic face for Clippers guard Chris Paul and Rockets' James Harden.

NBA 2K14 Patch - Cyberface Mod Pack (8 Players)

I'll just release all the cyberface mods that I made for NBA 2K14 PC this year, since I'll be gone for awhile due to busy work schedule. This pack contains cf for eight superstar players. I've spent a lot of time editing the textures and head shapes to make it look accurate and match their face in real life. Enjoy!