With NBA 2K16's release date approaching, 2K Sports has begun to reveal the player ratings in the upcoming title. Below are the latest in-game screenshots shared and posted by the players themselves on their own social media profiles.

NBA2K16 Isaiah Thomas
Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas – 81 OVR

NBA2K16 Andre Drummond
Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond – 83 OVR

NBA2K16 Hassan Whiteside
Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside – 81 OVR

NBA2K16 Rudy Gobert
Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert – 79 OVR

NBA2K16 CJ McCollum
Portland Trail Blazers guard C. J. McCollum – 72 OVR

NBA2K16 Kyle Anderson
San Antonio Spurs forward Kyle Anderson – 71 OVR

NBA2K16 Spencer Dinwiddie
Detroit Pistons point guard Spencer Dinwiddie – 70 OVR

NBA2K16 Pierre Jackson
Philadelphia 76ers point guard Pierre Jackson – 69 OVR

As previously revealed, Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant will have an overall 91 rating.

Check back for more NBA 2K16 player ratings as they come from 2K Sports leading up to the game's September 29 release date.