NBA 2K14 Simple Game HUD Mod

A simple NBA 2K14 game HUD (head-up display) mod that removes the black/blue background where the shot feedback grade and timing, team play call messages, and players' signature skills appears. It does not affect the teammate grade and player stats board in MyCAREER mode.

2K's Game HUD (Default)
Team Play Call HUD

Game HUD Mod

Sig Skills HUD

Shot Timing and Quality HUD

Note: The HUD works well even if some of the settings are disabled.

Installation: Download the patch below and decompress it using your favorite extractor. Place in the *.IFF* file to your NBA 2K14 game folder and replace the original.

Filename: gameplayhudnonplayerlocked_r2.iff
Created byexrxixxx
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared

Recommended settings:
  • From the game menu, select "Coaching" > "Coaching Settings". Look for "Playcall Messages" and make sure that it is enabled (choose "Show All" or "User Plays" Only).
  • To enable the shot feedback, go "Options" > "Game settings" > "Presentation". Select "Grade only", "Timing only" or "On" for both.
  • To display the signature skills HUD, press D-pad up.