NBA 2K14 TNT Gold Scoreboard Mod
This is a variation I made on exrxixxx's TNT scoreboard mod for NBA 2K14 PC. I only increased the contrast of the whole scoreboard giving it a darker look and replaced the black & white TNT logo with a gold one from TNT HD logo.

NBA 2K14 TNT Scoreboard Mod (Gold Logo Edition)

- Logo files from the original TNT Scoreboard Mod

NBA2K PC Scoreboard Mod

- I do not take credit for this. Exrxixxx and created the real TNT scoreboard. I just re-textured it and modified the colors to fit my own liking.
- I'm not sure about the compatibility of this mod to other screen resolutions. I'm using 1600x900 and it works perfectly fine on my end.
- I believe there's no way to make the timeouts bar work.
- To fix the no colors logo issue, go to Video Settings and set the texture quality to High.

1. Download exrxixxx's TNT scoreboard and install the logo files (english.iff and logo###.iff).
2. Install this scoreboard patch.

All files goes to your main NBA 2K14 game folder:
Windows 32bit - C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K14
Windows 64bit - C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Sports\NBA 2K14

Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared