NBA 2K14 Dornas Mod Pack

A compilation of NBA 2K14 court dornas (sideline advertisements) from different modders. This mod pack includes dornas for all 30 NBA teams and 14 Euroleague teams. To install just copy all the .CDF and .IFF files to your main game folder, then replace the existing files.

Recent changes: Updated to v2.0
- Added dornas for the Euroleage teams NEW!
- More adboards variety!
- Fixed the spelling mistakes (Celtics & Suns)

Sample screenshots

- Dornas pack for NBA and Euro teams
- Based on real stadium sponsor banners
- Each team has a unique set of dornas

Filenames: dorna###.iff and dorna###.cdf
Compiled by: Maystro
Download: Mega | Mediafire4shared