NBA 2K14 Custom Scoreboard Design Mod

Description: Are you getting tired of the default 2K scoreboard? Good news! Exrxixxx is back with his first scoreboard mod for NBA 2K14. Check it out!

V1 Notes:
- 24-second shot clock and quarter length time are completly functional.
- Working violation panels.
- Pop-up stats and panels are the same.
- Doesn't ruin the team logos during transition screens.
- Logos are slightly resized (NBA Teams and Euroleague).
- Easy installation compared to last year's NBA 2K13. Just copy the files into NBA 2K14 folder and overwrite the files.
- Patch includes the original logos & scoreboard for backup purposes.

NBA 2K14 Scoreboard Patch

NBA 2K14 Custom Scoreboard Design [MOD]

Filenames: newscorebug.iff and logo###.iff
Created by: exrxixxx
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared