NBA 2K13 Global + Progressive Sweat + Shadow Mod

Description: The "Dream" global mod + Progressive Sweat and Shadow Mod. This NBA 2K13 global mod is based on "Revitalize SuperGlobal".
- Three new MyPlayer casual top clothes: Bulldog logo shirt, NBA Cares shirt, and white shirt with NBA logo.
- Adidas accessories for Derrick Rose
- Long hexpad gears
- NBA All Star 2013 camo bright crew colorful socks
- Plain black Pants for MyPlayers
- Progressive sweat effect
- Shadow Mod

NBA 2K13 2013 All-Star Camo Bright Crew Socks

NBA 2K13 Rose Adidas Accesories Patch (Brace)

NBA 2K13 Long Hexpad Patch

NBA 2K13 3 My Player T-Shirts Patch

NBA 2K13 PC HD Graphics Mod

NBA 2K13 Progressive Sweat Mod

NBA 2K13 Shadow Mod

Frequently Asked Questions
 Question: How to use the All-Star socks in All Star Game?
- Answer: Simply download Med's Ultimate Roster & the All Star Socks will be automatically assigned to the 21 players.
 Question: Do I have to copy all the 3 global files into NBA2K13 folder?
- Answer: No, you can only use one global at a time.
 Question: How to use the Allstar socks in any games?
-Answer: Just edit a player and make him wear an ankle wrap. The All Star socks
replaces the ankle wrap.

Recommended Roster
- I highly recommend Med's Ultimate Roster as the most compatible roster file for
this global patch.
Link: NBA 2K13 Med's Ultimate Roster version 1.1b

Credits to the following modders:
Aivin Tompong - For the based of the global.
MGX - For fixing the MP T-shirts
Mattan - For the black pants for My Player
Medevenx - For sharing the the All Star Socks
SJ1414 and Pooh - For all the Adidas accessories for D.Rose

Created by: Kent Alvin Gerald Aquino(KAG2K)
Filenames: global.iff(x3)
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared