NBA 2K13 ESPN 3D Presentation Add-on (Hornets)

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch is an add-on to the ESPN Presentation + 3D Team Logos mod. It converts the Charlotte Bobcats logos into Charlotte Hornets and New Orleans Hornets logos into New Orleans Pelicans.
Note: This is only compatible with NBA365 Project rosters.
Previous version: NBA 2K13 ESPN 3D Presentation Add-on (Pelicans & Bobcats)
- Bootup screen with 3D logos (NO Pelicans + CHA Hornets)
- ESPN 3D team logos (Pelicans and Hornets)

NBA 2K13 3D Boot-up Screen Logos (Pelicans & Hornets)

NBA 2K13 ESPN 3D Logos Charlotte Hornets

NBA 2K13 ESPN 3D Presentation Charlotte Hornets Mod

Created by: Janmykelg
Filenames: englishbootup.iff, logos_medium.cdf, logos_medium.iff, logos_small.cdf, logos_small.iff, logos_tiny.cdf, logos_tiny.iff, logos_large.cdf, logos_large.iff
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