NBA 2K13 ESPN 2013 Scoreboard Patch

Description: This is a complete NBA on ESPN mod for NBA 2K13. It includes new ESPN scoreboard with enhanced textures, 3D ESPN logos, bootup screen and other game arts.

NBA 2K13 NBA on ESPN Mod ScoreboardNBA 2K13 Bootup Screen with New NBA Logos

- New boot-up screen with new logos
- Converts 2K Sports logos & presentations to ESPN
- Compatible with normal and wide monitors (16:9 and 16:10 resolutions)
- Removes the NBA2K13 watermark (Latest NBA on ESPN TV coverage doesn't have watermark anymore)
- Latest ESPN Scoreboard with compatible ESPN NBA Team Logos (Primary and Secondary Colors)
- ESPN NBA Team Logos for those who will NOT use the ESPN scoreboard
- ESPN NBA Team Logos will replace the actual team logos

Team Selection Logos Previews

1. Go to NBA 2K13 Roaming folder > Online Data > downloads
2. Cut all the files and paste into NBA 2K13 game folder C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K13
3. Copy the .iff files from the patch into C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K13
Filenames: newscorebug.iff, logo000.iff - logo031.iff, englishbootup.iff, frontend_sync.iff, gooeyoverlaysstatic.iff, logos_large.cdf, logos_large.iff, logos_medium.cdf, logos_medium.iff, logos_small.cdf, logos_small.iff, logos_tiny.cdf, logos_tiny.iff
Created by: Tha King
Credits to: Exrxixxx (Scoreboard), ReyMark (NBA Logos), Janmykelg (Team Selection Logos)
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared