NBA 2K13 Playoffs 2013 (16 Teams)

Description: These are save files for NBA 2K13 that will allow you to play the 16 NBA teams from the first round of the 2013 playoffs (Conference Quarterfinals).
- No injured players
- Includes 16 save files so you can use your favorite team.
- Removed all the negative ratings
- Updated NBA Playoffs 2013 Tree / Bracket
1. Copy the .PMG file of your preferred team into NBA 2K13 Saves folder.
2. From the NBA 2K13 menu, go to Options > Load / Save > Load > Select the "Playoffs" type
• NBA Eastern Conference Teams
Atlanta Hawks - Playoffs2013ATL.PMG
Brooklyn Nets- Playoffs2013BKN.PMG
Boston Celtics - Playoffs2013BOS.PMG
Chicago Bulls - Playoffs2013CHI.PMG
Indiana Pacers - Playoffs2013IND.PMG
Miami Heat - Playoffs2013MIA.PMG
Milwauke Bucks - Playoffs2013MIL.PMG
New York Knicks - Playoffs2013NYK.PMG
• NBA Western Conference Teams
Los Angeles Clippers - Playoffs2013LAC.PMG
Los Angeles Lakers - Playoffs2013LAL.PMG
Memphis Grizzlies - Playoffs2013MEM.PMG
Oklahoma City Thunder - Playoffs2013OKC.PMG
San Antonio Spurs - Playoffs2013SA.PMG
Denver Nuggets - Playoffs2013DEN.PMG
Golden State Warriors - Playoffs2013GS.PMG
Houston Rockets - Playoffs2013HOU.PMG