NBA 2K13 Latest ESPN Scoreboard 2013 Mod
Description: This is an update to the latest ESPN scoreboard w/ 3D logos by janmykelg.
Previous version: New ESPN Scoreboard with 3D Logos Mod v1
V2 Features:
- Fixed timeout bars into thinner stripes
- Improved scoreboard textures
- Hex edited violation panel background to zero transparency
1. Download and install the ESPN 3D Logos Mod
2. Install the team logos and scoreboard included in the v2 patch.
(logo000.iff - logo031.iff and newscorebug.iff)
For those who are having problems with the scoreboard
3. Install this modified .exe file
Note: You may need to delete or replace the newscorebug.iff located under NBA 2K13 Roaming folder > Online Data > downloads.
Video tutorial:
Created by: Janmykelg
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared