NBA 2K13 NBA TV Scoreboard with Logos Mod

Description: This is an update to the NBA TV scoreboard created by Exrxixxx. This new version adds team logos to the popup statistics board. For best results, use the ESPN 3D logos by Janmykelg.
- Changed the background to zero transparency
- Hex edited to make the team logos appear on the pop-up stats board

NBA 2K13 NBA TV Scoreboard with Team Logos

NBA 2K13 NBA TV Scoreboard Mod

NBA 2K13 PC Scoreboard Fix Patch

Installation: Copy the .iff file into NBA 2K13 game folder. You might also need to overwrite the newscorebug.iff file located under Online Data folder.
Filename: newscorebug.iff (Backup included)
Created by: Janmykelg
Credits to: Exrxixxx for the scoreboard
Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared