NBA 2K13 2K's Roster with T-Mac signs Spurs

Description: This is a custom roster for NBA 2K13 PC based on the recent update from 2K Sports (April 16, 2013). Unfortunately, 2KSports released the update before the Spurs' management announced that they have signed Tracy McGrady for the remainder of the season. Please take note that this is not an official roster.
- Added Tracy McGrady to the Spurs lineup
- Updated player's accessories (Ex. Carmelo Anthony with orange headband)
- Includes 2 rosters: Version 1 with injuries just like the official update and Version 2 without injuries
- Some of the jerseys created by Tha King require this roster to match the colors of the accessories.
- Assigned cyberface to rookies/players with created 2K faces. (You must download the cyberface pack below to avoid blank faces and white arms)
CF Pack: Download Link | Mirror (35.6 MB)
Filenames: 2K Official.ROS and 2K Official Uninjured.ROS
Created by: Tha King
1. Copy all the cyberface files (.iff) into NBA 2K13 folder.
2. Copy the roster files (.ROS) into NBA 2K13 Saves folder.
Roster Download: Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared