NBA 2K13 Lakers Black Jersey Patch
Lakers Black Jersey + Kobe 8 Shoes
(Download the latest roster and online data files to unlock Kobe VIII shoes in-game)

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch contains the black jersey of the Los Angeles Lakers. It will replace the Latin Nights (H) jersey so don't forget to backup your original file.
Note: Follow the file name structures below to replace other Lakers uniform.
 • uh015.iff = Home Lakers jersey (Yellow)
 • ua015.iff = Away Lakers jersey (Purple)
 • ux015.iff = Alternate (H) Lakers jersey (White)
 • uhx015.iff = Latin Nights Lakers jersey (White)
 • r1h015.iff = Retro home Lakers jersey #1
 • r1a015.iff = Retro away Lakers jersey #1
 • r2h015.iff = Retro home Lakers jersey #2
 • r2a015.iff = Retro away Lakers jersey #2
 • r5h015.iff = Lakers Christmas jersey
File name: uhx015.iff
Created by: DavidBeckham23
Download: Box | Mediafire | 4shared