Kevin Garnett's Anta KG2 “USA” Shoes

Description: This shoes patch adds the Kevin Garnett's Anta KG2 “USA” in NBA 2K13. It will replace the default Nike Zoom Hyperdunk Elite shoes.
File names: nshoe_fe_0166.iff and shoe_0166_00.iff
Created by: Rufioo

NBA 2K13 Kevin Garnett's Anta KG2 “USA” Shoes Patch

Installation: Copy the files in your game folder directory located under "Program Files" > "2K Sports" > "NBA 2K13"
Assign to players: From the NBA 2K13 menu Open “Features” > “2K Shoes” > “My Shoes” > Select the Anta KG 2 USA Shoes > Select “Equip Shoe” > Select Teams > Choose a player.
Download: Box | Mediafire | 4shared