NBA 2K13 Molten Ball Mod Patch Pack

Description: This pack includes 9 different types of molten ball along with the original NBA 2K13 ball for backup purposes.
 • Original NBA 2K13 Spalding ball
 • DX7 Molten ball (Orange and white)
 • GL7 Molten ball with FIBA logo (Orange and yellow)
 • GM7 Molten ball (Red, blue, and white )
 • GR7 Molten ball (Blue and Green)
 • GR7 Molten ball (Red and blue )
 • Libertia Molten ball
 • Libertia Black Molten ball
 • Libertia Blue Molten ball
 • Libertia Pink Molten ball
Installation: Choose a ball and overwrite the original "nbaball.iff" file in your NBA 2K13 main folder.
Created by: Pepis
File name: nbaball.iff
Download: Mediafire | 4shared | Box