NBA 2K13 Missing Portraits Patch Mod XBOX 360 PC PS3
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Description: This patch will add the missing portraits of the following players to your NBA 2K13 game.
Note: This will replace the original NBA 2K13 files (portrait.cdf and portrait.iff) Make a backup copy before applying this patch.

List of updated player portraits:
Celeb Team
JB Smoove (Power Forward)
Wale (Shooting Guard)
Vinny Guadagnino (Point Guard)
Jesse Williams (Small Forward)
Brian Baumgartner (Center)

'88-'89 Detroit Pistons
John Salley (Power Forward)
Mark Aguirre (Shooting Guard)
Isiah Thomas (Point Guard)
Dennis Rodman (Small Forward)
Bill Laimbeer (Center)

'93-'94 Houston Rockets
Robert Horry (Power Forward)
Scott Brooks (Shooting Guard)
Sam Cassell (Point Guard)
Mario Ellie (Small Forward)
Hakeem Olajuwon (Center)

'97-'98 San Antonio Spurs
Tim Duncan (Power Forward)
Vinny Del Negro (Shooting Guard)
Avery Johnson (Point Guard)
Sean Elliot (Small Forward)
Davin Robinson (Center)

'85-'86 Chicago Bulls
Sidney Green (Power Forward)
Michael Jordan (Shooting Guard)
John Paxson (Point Guard)
George Gervin (Small Forward)
Charles Oakley (Center)

Celebrity Team
Meek Mill (Power Forward)
Pauly D (Shooting Guard)
Bow Wow (Point Guard)
Justin Bieber (Small Forward)
Sean Kingston (Center)

Files: portrait.cdf and portrait.iff
Developer: Mr。Star
Download: Mediafire | Fileswap | Box