NBA 2K12 Custom Roster V4.2 - Full Version
NBA 2K12 Custom Roster V4.2 Full version
(All required files + Latest roster) Password:

Due to the request of a lot of NBA 2K12 players, We decided to add a full version of NBA 2K12 Custom Roster V4.2 - August 17, 2012. This includes all the updates like new cyberface, portraits and the latest custom roster which is v4.2 This pack is similar to this roster: We also added a text file that explains how to install this custom roster for NBA 2K12 PC.

What's included in this pack?
- Latest Roster updated as of August 17, 2012
- Brooklyn Nets
- Dream team 1992
- Team USA 2012
- DaRoster (18.7) update.rar (required)
- DaRoster (24.7) update.rar (required)
- DaRoster V2.1 (27.7).rar (required)
- Missing CF's.rar (required)
- DaRoster V3 (1.8) USAB Update (required)
- DaRoster V4 (6.8) Dream Team Update (required)
- DaRoster v4.1 (11.8) Dwight Howard Update (required)
- DaRoster v4.2 (17.8) Minor updates (required)

Copy the Custom Roster into your NBA 2K12 saves folder.
Copy the rest of the files to your NBA 2K12 game folder.
Play NBA 2K12 > Main menu > Options > Load / Save > Load "Custom Roster"

NBA 2K12 Bugs Fix: Rookie Black Arms | White Shoes Glitch
(Updated Rookie Black Arms download link) fixed

NBA 2K12 Custom Roster v4.2 (Full): Gamefront | Depositfiles
(The full version includes all the required files and the latest custom roster by davoor)

NBA 2K12 Custom Roster v4.2 (8 Parts):
(All the links are located below if you prefer to download each part instead of the full version. In case you decided to download the 8 parts then you must install it in order.)
Mediafire - DaRoster (18.7) update.rar
Gamefront - DaRoster (24.7) update.rar
Mediafire - DaRoster V2.1 (27.7).rar
Gamefront - Missing CF's.rar
Gamefront - DaRoster V3 (1.8) USAB Update
Gamefront | Mediafire - DaRoster V4 (6.8) Dream Team Update
Gamefront | Mediafire - DaRoster v4.1 (11.8) Dwight Howard Update
Mediafire | Mirror - DaRoster v4.2 (17.8) Minor Updates