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NBA 2K13 Manu Ginobili Cyberface Patch

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch adds a realistic cyberface for Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs.
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NBA 2K13 San Antonio Spurs Cyberface Pack

NBA 2K13 Spurs Cyberface Pack (11 Players)
Description: This patch adds updated cyberface for the following players: Manu GinĂ³bili, Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Stephen Jackson, Danny Green, DeJuan Blair, Tiago Splitter, Boris Diaw, Patrick Mills, Gary Neal, & Matt Bonner.
Features: New cyberfaces and enhanced player tattoos.

NBA 2K13 Cyberface Pack with Blood

Description: This NBA 2K13 mod pack contains bloody / wounded cyberfaces for Kevin Garnett, Russell Westbrook, Manu Ginobili, Shane Battier, Ray Allen, and Steve Nash.
Created by: Lenver Fernandez
Filename: png0802.iff, png0358.iff, png0013.iff, png0365.iff, png1510.iff, & png0970.iff
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NBA 2K13 Manu GinĂ³bili Cyber Face Mod

Cyberface of Manu Ginobili for NBA 2K13 PC
Description: This patch for NBA 2K13 contains 3 variations of the cyber face of Manu Ginobili (No beard, normal size beard and thicker beard)
Installation: Choose between the 3 different version of the CF and place it to your NBA 2K13 game folder. (Program files)
File name: png0970.iff
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NBA 2K13 Heat's & Spurs' Big 3 Cyberface Pack

Description: This pack for NBA 2K13 contains 6 new cyberface files for Miami Heat's Big Three (LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, & Chris Bosh) and San Antonio Spurs' Big Three (Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan, & Tony Parker)
Created by: Drx171
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Filenames:png0411.iff, png1017.iff, png1016.iff, png1013.iff, png0970.iff, png0839.iff
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NBA 2K14 Patch - Cyberface Mod Pack (8 Players)

I'll just release all the cyberface mods that I made for NBA 2K14 PC this year, since I'll be gone for awhile due to busy work schedule. This pack contains cf for eight superstar players. I've spent a lot of time editing the textures and head shapes to make it look accurate and match their face in real life. Enjoy!