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NBA 2K13 Brandon Jennings Cyberface Patch

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch adds an accurate cyberface for Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks.
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NBA 2K13 11 Cyber Face Pack Mod

NBA 2K13 11 Cyber Face Pack Patch
Description: This CF patch pack contains 11 custom made cyber face for the following players.
• png1608.iff - Brandon Jennings of Milwaukee Bucks
• png1015.iff - Carmelo Anthony of New York Knicks
• png1555.iff - Goran Dragic of Phoenix Suns
• png1344.iff - J J Redick of Orlando Magic
• png1511.iff - Kevin Love of Minnesota Timberwolves
• png1357.iff - Kyle Lowry of Toronto Raptors
• png1815.iff - Larry Sanders of Milwaukee Bucks
• png1135.iff - Marquis Daniels of Milwaukee Bucks
• png1508.iff - Michael Beasley of Phoenix Suns
• png1292.iff - Monta Ellis of Milwaukee Bucks
• png0839.iff - Tony Parker of San Antonio Spurs
Created by: BlakeTheGreat
Download Link:Mediafire | 4shared | Box

NBA 2K13 Mod Preview / Screenshots

NBA 2K13 Brandon Jennings Cyber Face Mod

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch adds a new cyberface of Brandon Jennings who currently plays for the Milwaukee Bucks.
Created by: Kaito
File name: png1608.iff
Download: Mediafire | 4shared | Box