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NBA 2K14 Chicago Bulls Jersey Pack V2

This NBA 2K14 patch updates the textures and the colors of Chicago Bulls' uniforms in the game.

Current version: Updated to V2.0
- Detailed jersey texture & sew on numbers and lettering

- Official jerseys: Home (white), Away (red), Alternate (black) & St. Patrick's (NBA green A)
- Fabric texture with mesh holes (NBA Rev 30)
- True jersey colors (red instead of 2K's default pink-ish)
- Fixed the font, numbers, size, placements etc.
- High quality team logos
- Real warmup uniforms

NBA 2K14 Complete Chicago Bulls Jersey Patch

Complete set of modded NBA 2K14 jerseys for the Chicago Bulls. The pack includes classic and current (2013-14) jerseys. Continue on for the complete list.

NBA 2K13 Chicago Bulls Jersey Pack v1

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch updates 22 jerseys of the Chicago Bulls including the classic and current uniforms.
Features: Detailed jersey textures and vibrant colors

Retro Chicago Bulls Jerseys:
Home and Away: '85-'86, '88-'89, '90-'91, '92-'93, '95-'96, and '97-'98

Chicago Bulls 2013 Jerseys:
Home, Away (red), Alternate (black),  Latin Nights (red), St. Patrick's (green), NBA Green, Classic Away I, Classic Away II, and 2 practice uniforms (home & away).
Created by: Generic
Filenames: ux003.iff, uhx003.iff, uh584.iff, uh580.iff, uh565.iff, uh561.iff, uh553.iff, uh551.iff, uh103.iff, uh003.iff, uay003.iff, uax003.iff, ua584.iff, ua580.iff, ua565.iff, ua561.iff, ua553.iff, ua551.iff, ua103.iff, ua003.iff, r2a003.iff, and r1a003.iff
Download: Mega | Mediafire | 4shared | Box

NBA 2K13 Chicago Bulls Jersey Mod

Bulls Jersey Patch for NBA 2K13 PC
Description: This patch contains the modified Bulls jerseys with new textures for NBA 2K13 PC.
• New Home, Away, Alternate, Latin Nights, Saint Patricks, and Green Week jersey.
• All new REV30 mesh holes, smaller, and fully detailed.
• New Bulls and Chicago script, fixed the size and position
• Fixed the number texture, size, color, and position
• HD Detailed logos
• New warmup uniforms (based on heat's warmups)
Files: uhx003.iff, uh003.iff, uay003.iff, logo003.iff, ua003.iff, uax003.iff, ux003.iff
Created by: Tha King
Download:Box | Mediafire | 4shared

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