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NBA 2K14 Chicago Bulls Jersey Pack V2

This NBA 2K14 patch updates the textures and the colors of Chicago Bulls' uniforms in the game.

Current version: Updated to V2.0
- Detailed jersey texture & sew on numbers and lettering

- Official jerseys: Home (white), Away (red), Alternate (black) & St. Patrick's (NBA green A)
- Fabric texture with mesh holes (NBA Rev 30)
- True jersey colors (red instead of 2K's default pink-ish)
- Fixed the font, numbers, size, placements etc.
- High quality team logos
- Real warmup uniforms

NBA 2K14 Complete Chicago Bulls Jersey Patch

Complete set of modded NBA 2K14 jerseys for the Chicago Bulls. The pack includes classic and current (2013-14) jerseys. Continue on for the complete list.

Slam Dunk 2K13 Team Shohoku Jersey Patch

Description: This is an update to the jerseys of Shohoku in Slam Dunk 2K13 mod to match the uniforms that appeared in the anime.
- Includes home and away jerseys
- Real varsity jacket uniform
- Removed the name at the back of the jersey

NBA 2K13 Chicago Bulls Jersey Pack

Description: This patch for NBA 2K13 updates the home, away, and alternate uniforms of the Chicago Bulls. It also includes a fictional jersey (black-white gradient) which will replace the alternate jersey. Now, it's up to you if you want to install the fictional jersey as it is completely optional.
- Includes Home, Away, Alternate and Fictional jersey
- Remade jersey logos / wordmarks ('CHICAGO' and 'BULLS')
- Smaller REV 30 jersey mesh holes
- Realistic and lively jersey colors
Filenames: uh003.iff, ua003.iff, and ux003.iff (x2)
Created by: DavidBeckham23
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NBA 2K13 Chicago Bulls Jersey Pack v1

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch updates 22 jerseys of the Chicago Bulls including the classic and current uniforms.
Features: Detailed jersey textures and vibrant colors

Retro Chicago Bulls Jerseys:
Home and Away: '85-'86, '88-'89, '90-'91, '92-'93, '95-'96, and '97-'98

Chicago Bulls 2013 Jerseys:
Home, Away (red), Alternate (black),  Latin Nights (red), St. Patrick's (green), NBA Green, Classic Away I, Classic Away II, and 2 practice uniforms (home & away).
Created by: Generic
Filenames: ux003.iff, uhx003.iff, uh584.iff, uh580.iff, uh565.iff, uh561.iff, uh553.iff, uh551.iff, uh103.iff, uh003.iff, uay003.iff, uax003.iff, ua584.iff, ua580.iff, ua565.iff, ua561.iff, ua553.iff, ua551.iff, ua103.iff, ua003.iff, r2a003.iff, and r1a003.iff
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NBA 2K13 Chicago Bulls Jersey Mod

Bulls Jersey Patch for NBA 2K13 PC
Description: This patch contains the modified Bulls jerseys with new textures for NBA 2K13 PC.
• New Home, Away, Alternate, Latin Nights, Saint Patricks, and Green Week jersey.
• All new REV30 mesh holes, smaller, and fully detailed.
• New Bulls and Chicago script, fixed the size and position
• Fixed the number texture, size, color, and position
• HD Detailed logos
• New warmup uniforms (based on heat's warmups)
Files: uhx003.iff, uh003.iff, uay003.iff, logo003.iff, ua003.iff, uax003.iff, ux003.iff
Created by: Tha King
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NBA 2K13 Jersey Mod Previews

NBA 2K13 Chicago Bulls Alternative Jerseys Mod

Chicago Bulls Complete Alternate Jerseys Mod for NBA 2K13
Description: This NBA 2K13 patch contains all alternate jerseys of the Chicago Bulls.
File names: ux003.iff, uhx003.iff, ua584.iff, ua580.iff, ua565.iff, ua563.iff, ua561.iff, ua559.iff, ua553.iff, ua551.iff, ua003.iff, r3a003.iff, r2a003.iff, r1a003.iff
Created by: Agustinlp24
Download:4shared | Box | Mediafire
Note: Create a backup copy of the original files before modding NBA 2K13 because this will replace the original jerseys of the Bulls.

NBA 2K13 Chicago Bulls Jersey Patch

Chicago Bulls Home and Away Jersey Mod for NBA 2K13 PC
Name: Chicago Bulls JerseyV2
Previous version:Chicago Bulls Jersey V1
Description: This patch will update the default NBA 2K13 Bulls jersey.
Note: This will overwrite the original NBA 2K13 file so don't forget to create a backup.
Created by: MLLR
File names: ua003.iff and uh003.iff
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NBA 2K13 Chicago Bulls Jerseys

NBA 2K13 Chicago Bulls Road Jersey (Away)
NBA 2K13 Chicago Bulls Home Jersey
NBA 2K13 Chicago Bulls Alternate Jersey
NBA 2K13 Chicago Bulls Alternate Jersey (Derrick Rose Preview)
Description: This patch contains an updated set of Chicago Bulls jerseys.
(Home jersey, Away jersey and Alternate jersey)

- Fixed Color (no pink)
- New textures
- New Warm-ups.

Developer: AMenace
Files: ua003.iff, uh003.iff & ux003.iff
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