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NBA 2K14 Stadium Mods Playoff Teams Pack #1

A collection of NBA 2K14 stadium mods made by several court modders. The first pack includes new stadiums for 8 of the 16 playoff teams. Logo on the lower part of the backboard changes automatically depending if it's regular season, playoffs or finals (NBA TV, Playoffs, Eastern/Western Conference Finals and The Finals).

Follow this link for the second pack: NBA 2K14 Playoff Stadiums Pack #2.

NBA 2K14 Bankers Life Fieldhouse Court Patch

This NBA 2K14 court mod updates Indiana Pacers' court floor, stadium, backboard and dornas to match the real Bankers Life Fieldhouse arena.

NBA 2K14 Indiana Pacers Court Update

Description: This NBA 2K14 patch updates the floor and stadium of the Bankers Life Fieldhouse arena to match the real court design of the Indiana Pacers.
Changes Made
- Thicker 'Bankers Life Fieldhouse' font on the floor (bold)
- Smaller '@Pacers' text near the bench
- New hardwood floor texture (less yellowish). Darkened and more realistic.
- Updated the court colors with true shades of navy blue and gold
- New bench chairs and stadium seats color (dark green)
- Replaced the stadium ads & dornas (advertisement banners) with real sponsors

NBA 2K13 Central Division Teams Court Pack

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch changes the courts for all teams from the NBA Central Division. It includes floor and stadium update for Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls, Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Pistons, and Cleveland Cavaliers.

NBA 2K13 Bankers Life Fieldhouse Playoffs Court

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch updates the court of the Indiana Pacers - Bankers Life Fieldhouse (playoffs edition)
- New stadium advertisements and court shot clock
- Remade 3D stadium
- Updated floor/parquet and Pacers court logos
- Eastern Conference Finals logo

NBA 2K13 Indiana Pacers Court Playoffs Update

Description: This patch for NBA 2K13 updates the Bankers Life Fieldhouse to match the playoffs court design of the Indiana Pacers.
Features: Updated court floor with playoffs logo + backboard & sideline ads (dornas) based on the last home game of the Pacers.

NBA 2K13 Indiana Pacers Court Patch

Description: This patch for NBA 2K13 contains the enhanced Indiana Pacers court also known as Bankers Life Fieldhouse.
Mod Features:
 • Real NBA backboard structure based on Pacers court
 • Enhanced colors and Pacers logo
 • New hardwood floor texture
 • Improved colors and HD logos
 • New sideline sponsors / ads.
 • Better court reflections
Created by: Sixers85
File names: f020.iff and s020.iff
Downloads: Mediafire | 4shared | Box