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NBA 2K14 Carlos Boozer Cyberface Mod

NBA 2K14 cyberface mod for Chicago Bulls power forward Carlos Boozer. Credits to brynteric for the texture.

NBA 2K14 Mod - Real Face of James Harden

NBA 2K14 PC mod that brings life to the cyber face of James Harden. The texture used is based on his photos. I made the lips more pouty with chapped texture to make it realistic. The mohawk hair is also longer and his beard is well-rounded and has sharper strands. The eyes and eyebrows have been also edited to imitate his real facial expression. The skin-tone perfectly matched his body color.

NBA 2K14 Steve Blake Cyberface

Here's a more detailed NBA 2K14 cyber face for Los Angeles Lakers point-guard Steve Blake.

NBA 2K14 Realistic Marc Gasol Cyberface

This patch gives Memphis Grizzlies center Marc Gasol a photo-realistic cyberface in NBA 2K14.

NBA 2K14 Tim Duncan Cyberface (2 Versions)

This patch updates Tim Duncan's cyberface in NBA 2K14 to make it realistic-looking. It comes in 2 versions, regular hair and shaved. Check out the screenshots below to see how it looks like in-game.

NBA 2K14 Realistic James Harden Cyberface (Final)

Description: This patch makes the cyberface of James Harden in NBA 2K14 realistic. It matches his overall look in real life from face structure up to his hair & beard.
- Added a small gap between his front teeth
- Accurate face texture (HD), Mohawk haircut, enhanced beard shape (longer + narrow)
- Darker skin color

NBA 2K13 34 Converted Cyberfaces Patch

Description: These cyberface mods are from previous NBA 2K  series games (2K11 & 2K12), converted by wilson27 to make it compatible with NBA 2K13.

NBA 2K13 Cyberface Pack (4 Players)

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch pack contains 4 new cyberface files. It includes detailed face for Ray Allen, Tim Duncan, Vince Carter, and Marc Gasol.

NBA 2K13 6 NBA Superstars Cyberface Pack v1

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch adds new cyberface for Danny Granger, Deron Williams, Carmelo Anthony, Joe Johnson, Kyrie Irving, and Tony Parker.
Filenames:png0807.iff, png0839.iff, png1015.iff, png1258.iff, png1272.iff, & png2122.iff
Converted by: PeterDaS4int2K
Credits to: Amarowaade, Brynteric, Calvin, Drift, MGX, MIR, and URH28
Download:Mega | Mediafire | Box | 4shared

NBA 2K13 3 NBA Superstars Cyberface Pack

Description: This NBA 2K13 patch adds new cyberface for Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.
Filenames:png1017.iff, png1013.iff, & png0195.iff
Converted by: Mattan
Credits: Liahen & Yeyue115 (Wade), BBMyLove (LeBron), Brynteric (Kobe)
Download: Mega | 4shared | Box | Mediafire

NBA 2K13 Chicago Bulls Cyber Face Pack

Bulls Cyberface Pack for NBA 2K13 PC
Description: This NBA 2K13 patch contains 6 modified cyber face for the Chicago Bulls team. This includes the following players: Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Richard "Rip" Hamilton, Nate Robinson, Taj Gibson and Kirk Hinrich.
Features: Enhanced tattoos + Custom cyber faces.
Files:,, png0579.iff, png1019.iff, png1156.iff, png1276.iff, png1418.iff and png1638.iff
Created by: Tha King
Credits: AmaroWaade, BryntEric, MW, MIR, Ymca38
Download:4shared | Box | Mediafire

NBA 2K13 Cyberface - Taj Jami Gibson
NBA 2K13 Cyberface - Kirk Hinrich
NBA 2K13 Cyberface - Joakim Noah
NBA 2K13 Cyberface - Luol Deng
NBA 2K13 Cyberface - Richard Hamilton

NBA 2K13 Carlos Boozer 3 Cyber Face Patch

Carlos Boozer Cyberface Mod for NBA 2K13 PC
Description: This patch contains 3 cyber face of Carlos Boozer (Chicago Bulls). Choose between the 3 cyber faces and place it in to your NBA 2K13 game folder.
3 CFs versions: 
• Version 1 Buzz cut
• Version 2 Shaved
• Version 3 Short hair.
Created by: brynteric
File name: png0934.iff
Download:4shared | Box | Mediafire

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Ray Allen NBA 2K12 Player Update

NBA2K12 Ray Allen Cyberface Patch
Name: Ray Allen Team: Boston Celtics Position: Guard Jersey Number: #20 Born: Jul 20, 1975 Height: 6-5 / 1.96 Weight: 205 lbs. / 93.0 kg. Prior to NBA / Country: Connecticut / USA Years Pro: 16

NBA 2K12 LA Lakers Cyber face Pack V2

NBA2K12 Los Angeles Lakers Team Complete Cyberface Pack Patch with Enhanced Tattoos
All the player who have tattoo is enhanced you can compare it to 2k's default, It is more visible and readable than 2k's default but I didn't use "Smart Sharpen".

This pack includes:
- Kobe Bryant Cyber face
- Andrew Bynum Cyber face
- Pau Gasol Cyber face
- Ramon Sessions Cyber face
- Matt Barnes Cyber face
- Metta World Peace Cyber face
- Troy Murphy Cyber face
- Steve Blake Cyber face
- Jordan Hill Cyber face
- Josh McRoberts Cyber face
- Darius Morris Cyber face
- Devin Ebanks Cyber face

To Install: Paste the .iff files into your NBA 2K12 game / main folder.

How to Find NBA 2K12 Main Folder:
    1. Right click NBA 2K12 desktop game shortcut.
    2. Select "Properties".
    3. Click "Open File Location".
    4. Paste the files from the patch inside the main folder.

Alternatively, You can just Right click the nba2k12 desktop shortcut and select
"Open File …

NBA 2K12 Orlando Magic Cyber face Pack

NBA 2K12 Orlando Magic Team Cyber face Pack 11 Players with Enhanced Tattos