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NBA 2K14 Smooth Hazy SweetFX + ENB Combo

Smooth hazy SweetFX + ENB combo for NBA 2K14 PC. The ENB that I use is a combination of Greatest N-G Maker's palette and Zildjian's settings, so credit goes to them for the ENB. For those who are wondering, I'm currently using Lagoa's global mod version 6.1.

NBA 2K14 Realistic ENB Graphics Mod

This ENB is made for those who want their NBA 2K14 to look natural. It keeps the realistic visual effect but also adds a nice touch. This preset was not meant to be used with other graphic enhancers such as SweetFX. I recommend that you remove all the post-processing injector files from your game directory before installing this.

NBA 2K14 PC Awesome ENB Mod Collection

Awesome ENB graphics mod collection that enhance and improve the visual quality of NBA 2K14 on PC. The presets are intensive, with most of the effects enabled at varying quality to achieve these results. There are 8 ENB mods to choose from. Check out the screenshots and decide for yourself.

NBA 2K14 Time Warner Cable SportsNet Presentation

Time Warner Cable SportsNet presentation for NBA 2K14. This mod adds a watermark at the upper-right corner, a fixed overlay bar at the bottom of the screen, and a TWC logo wipe.

NBA 2K14 MSG TV Overlay and Watermark Mod

A custom MSG watermark and overlay to go along with exrxixxx's MSG TV network scoreboard mod for NBA 2K14. It includes a 'LIVE' watermark at the top-left corner, MSG logo at the top-right and a static NBA HD overlay bar at the bottom of the screen.

NBA 2K14 “Herrera” Global Mod V1

This is the first edit of my custom global for NBA 2K14 PC. The first update focuses on tweaking players' skin and enhancing the accessories. I'll let the screenshots speak for themselves.

NBA 2K14 ENB Next-Gen Graphics Mod [Warm Effect] V2

This is the other version of the next-gen ENB config by Zildjian. It shifts the hue towards a warmer color. It's hard to compare based on the screenshots, so I recommend that you try both and see the difference for yourself. Also, the results may vary depending on your monitor calibration.

Current version: Updated to v2

NBA 2K14 ENB Next-Gen Graphics Mod [Cool Effect] V2

Most of the ENB mods for NBA 2K14 PC that I've reviewed so far have too much contrast and saturation. In this ENB preset made by Zildjian, it's the other way around. It was configured to resemble the type of graphics that you would see in the next-gen version. The colors in general are softer, less-intense, and more eye-relaxing.

Current version: Updated to v2

NBA 2K14 Serge Ibaka Startup Screen Mod

Custom NBA 2K14 PC loading screen featuring Serge Ibaka of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Place the title page file to Program Files \ 2K Sports \ NBA 2K14 to install.

NBA 2K14 Russell Westbrook Startup Screen Mods

New start-up screen mod for NBA 2K14 PC, featuring Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder. The patch includes two versions: V1 wearing 2011 West All-Star game jersey and V2 wearing home OKC jersey. Choose whichever you prefer.

NBA 2K14 Black-Themed TNT Scoreboard Mod

An edited NBA 2K14 TNT scoreboard mod originally made by exrxixxx. This version doesn't have the fancy team logo colors.

NBA 2K14 High-Definition ENB + Custom Global Mod

This graphics mod will improve several features of the game making it look a lot more realistic and high-definition.

NBA 2K14 Udonis Haslem Cyberface

HD NBA 2K14 cyber face for Udonis Haslem of the Miami Heat. This patch updates the textures making the face, beard and tattoos look sharp and clear in the game.

NBA 2K14 Tight Jerseys Mod

This mod for NBA 2K14 PC adjusts the size of the jerseys in the game to make it look less baggy. This tight cloth mod only works on 'Low' player settings, but don't worry as you will not lose texture quality with it.